Freshness Is the Key Ingredient at AMP 150

February 24, 2011

AMP 150 GardenOne of my favorite things to do is to eat and one of my very favorite meals is a big, juicy hamburger – I like them pink, and rare if I can get them that way.  And it’s very hard for me
to pass up a good dessert, especially rice pudding.

When I visit our hotels, I get to experience a lot of different cuisines and dishes from the many fantastic restaurants we have around the world.  One restaurant that I find very unique is AMP 150 in our Cleveland Airport Marriott.  AMP stands for America’s Modern Palate and serves a lot of very reasonably priced small bites to medium sized portions from what the chef, Ellis Cooley, likes to call a garden-focused menu.

The chef is a big supporter of using local products in his dishes to ensure freshness and support his community and the environment.  He gets a lot of his ingredients from a quarter-acre garden that he, himself, planted in a courtyard behind the hotel – it doesn’t really get any more local than that!  What he doesn’t grow or produce at the hotel, like beef, cheese, mushrooms and even ice cream, Chef Cooley strives to get from local Cleveland-based vendors.

And, clearly, the chef’s focus on freshness and high quality local ingredients is working. AMP 150 has been named one of the top 100 restaurants in Cleveland by Midwest Living magazine, and Cleveland Scene magazine named it the best new restaurant in the city, as well as bestowing the distinction of best new chef on Ellis Cooley.

Chef Cooley and the entire food and beverage team at the Cleveland Airport Marriott.  I highly recommend all of you check out this wonderful restaurant on your next trip to Cleveland.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.


Freshness Is the Key Ingredient at AMP 150



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I an running a restaurant and my best friend is the chef. I must say that she is the greatest cook. She knows very well what the clients would eat during every season. So, yes, it is very important the chef of the restaurant to know what to do in the kitchen.

It is true. In order to run a restaurant fist of all you should be sure that the chef you are going to hire insist on the fresh and good food. Great article!Regards!

Fresh menus and chefs' gardens are great. I can't believe that none of the domestic Marriotts offer veggie burgers in place of the beef patty. I am vegan & most often there is nothing on the room service or restaurant menu that accommodate. Even the salads have cheese/eggs/meats. If you order one w/out the meat/dairy I'm charged the same price w/out the costly ingredients. Would also love to see choice of whole wheat pastas and brown rice as options for white pastas & rice.

Mr. Marriott--

BBF on the go--again. I'm up in the air more than George Clooney!

A hamburger is true comfort food. I second your thoughts when it comes to burgers. I find Marriott restaurants serve excellent burgers. Some with thick slices of bacon.
I will have a side of balloon angeoplasty with my meal. Hehehe. Ben humor. You know my writing style.

I'll make a side trip to Cleveland, just to try one of Chef Cooly's burgers and tour his garden.

Oh, I may just stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and stum one of George Harrison's guitars. Can I say, Mr. Marriott, bail me out? Hehehe

The visual of Chef Cooly's garden is "spot on."

Where does food come from? Why, of course---the supermarket! Thanks for reminding us about fresh produce and leafy greens.

In friendship,
Brendan Ben Feeney
Marriott Gold Member

what is your relation to rose marriott.

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Just a quick comment for Mr. Gouy: Mr. Marriott has publicly stated that he would like the Marriott brands to be 'the greenest brand(s) in the hospitaly industry'.

He said this a number of years ago and, having been both a guest and an associate, I've observed Marriott taking the forefront with new and innovative programs.

I think that you, and many other guests that share your concerns, will be very happy with Mr. Marriott's vision regarding the environment.

BTW, I share your concerns and I'm delighted with the forward thinking that Marriott brands display in this area. It's good for everyone.

Hi Mr. Marriott, It's a pleasure to learn what's going on in the different hotels. Thanks for the tips. My favorite desert is a cup of fresh blueberries with guava yogurt on top. To make it sweeter, I use agave nectar...

Thank you for highlighting an unique location; I've almost forgotten that Marriott is also at airports.

The MARRIOTT's brand is not only hotels or vacation time share it is also one of the best in the restaurant industry.


Wilder Savany

The Chicago Marriott on Michigan Avenue really impressed me with their "Garden" on the roof top by the pool.

Wonderful food, wonderful hotel!

I would like to see as many environmentally-friendly initiatives as possible at Marriotts that I visit. Everything from local and organic healthy food to waste reduction and innovative green strategies. As a platinum member I would like to see Marriott as an industry leader at the forefront of this movement.
Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this George Hihn.

I totally agree with Mr. Marriott! Your new ‘AMP 150’ restaurant at the Cleveland Airport Marriott is magnificent! At our recent IRN 2011 Conference held there, I could hardly get the 100 members attending out of ‘AMP 150’ to start our training sessions! It is another homerun for what we consider to be our IRN ‘Cleveland Headquarters’. I extend my compliments to Chef Cooley and the entire food and beverage team. We have always been extremely happy, for seven years now, with the high level of service you have shown our company. Keep up the good work!

Personal note- with all this snow in Cleveland, we are really looking forward to our stay at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa on Maui March 3-9. We are using our Marriott points.

An added note: It happens that you know my brother-in-law and sister quite well. She is Linda Scott, and he is H. Lee Scott, retired CEO of Walmart.

Several years ago, when I was executive director of the NSTA, you invited me and several others to your home. You showed me around your garage, and we looked at several of your auto collection. I was at the grand opening of your San Francisco hotel, and was given a 10" x 13" impression of the hotel in half-inch thick brown chocolate. It celebrates the opening of October 17, 1989. I still have that box of chocolate, and it is in perfect condition, never having been opened. Would you like to have it? If so, I am now in Jacksonville, FL, and either one of your staff can pick it up or I can take it to a hotel here in this area, so it can be delivered to you.
p.s. I enjoyed the hot apple cider at your house.

Mr. Marriott, you speak of desserts, well, one of the best dessert I have ever had is offered at the LAX Marriott. They take all the left over sweet rolls from breakfast and make a bread pudding-it is to die for. All the regulars know to go to the bar and get "Bobby" to put your name on one because if you wait for dinner to order one, well you are just out of luck. Have retired now and have not been there for a couple years, but hope the tradition is alive and well.

Mr. Marriott:

Will do and let you know of my dining experience. In all my love for hamburgers, the Guyanese Cuisine have it as “well done.” You must share with me both from a nutritional and delicious perspective the value of rare meat.

I guess you know that Ohio, now has a special place in the hearts of Guyanese because of Katie Spotz ( Katie Spotz “became the youngest person to row across an entire ocean alone, and the first American to row a boat without help from one continent to another.

After exactly 70 days, five hours, and 22 minutes in the Atlantic, the 22-year-old from Mentor, Ohio arrived Sunday in Georgetown, the capital of the South American nation of Guyana. She'd departed from Dakar, Senegal, in Africa, on Jan. 3, and endured rough seas during the 2,817-mile crossing.

Spotz returned to the U.S. late Wednesday night.

Thanks for sharing in all freshness as you keep Marriott on the M

Great piece of news. I too have many favorites around the world. Camelback Inn's steak house is one of the best anywhere.