Talking Travel with the Governor of Puerto Rico

March 31, 2011

Puerto Rico Flag I was recently in Puerto Rico and had the opportunity to meet with the governor, Luis Fortuño.  He really understands the immense value the travel and tourism industry brings to his country.  Back in the 1990s, Governor Fortuño served as the first Secretary of Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce, the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and, also, the President of Puerto Rico’s Hotel Development Corporation.

And in his current role, Governor Fortuño is calling on his past experience to position Puerto Rico as an inviting destination that offers wonderful hotels for corporate, group and leisure guests to create an economic stimulus for the island.  Thanks to his commitment to travel and tourism, Puerto Rico is becoming one of the leading Caribbean destinations for upscale and luxury hotels.

The governor told me that when he came into office two years ago, he was faced with a very large fiscal deficit like many of our governors here in the mainland United States.  But, he has reduced the cost of government, lowered taxes to stimulate economic development, and is now close to a balanced budget.

We currently have two very exciting new projects in the works on the island.
The first is Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve property, which will open in December 2012.  It has 130 oversized rooms that feature outdoor showers and terraces that integrate into the living space, all less than 20 feet from the ocean.  The state of the art spa will offer unique, signature treetop massage rooms and guests will be able to enjoy 72 holes of golf.

We also plan to open a 300-room JW Marriott hotel within the Coco Beach Resort, located in Rio Grande on the north east coast of Puerto Rico, just a few miles from San Juan.  This beautiful property is being developed by Arturo Diaz, Jr., and his son, Jorge Diaz, and will feature four food and beverage outlets, three swimming pools and a 10,000 square foot spa.

These two new hotels are going to be one of a kind and are true indicators of the increasing demand for high quality accommodations in Puerto Rico and the growth of the territory’s tourism industry.  I’m really anxious for these hotels to open and look forward to experiencing all that they, and Puerto Rico, have to offer.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Talking Travel with the Governor of Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico + Marriott=
Service & frienship.



Great partnership with Puerto Rico and your hotels I love nice spas and pools. Keep moving forward.

As a teacher, I have had the opportunity of shaking Mr. Marriott's hand, and we have been staying at the Marriott hotels for years, we have vacationed in San Juan and we look forward in the next few years to return and to stay at the Coco Beach Marriott.First class all the way!

Marriott is good hotels to visit everyone due to good locations near islands and luxury rooms etc and to promote ecotourism as viable way to get more income,promoting govermental policies that allow this industry to keep on growing.


I am agree mr marriott one of the highest incomes for the caribbean islands is tourism and the biggest challenge we have in this country is to promote ecotourism as viable way to get more income,promoting govermental policies that allow this industry to keep on growing,keep going on mr marriott.

Mr. Marriott ~ Our family just returned from 9 days at the La Concha Renassaince Resort and had a splendid time in every respect! Great Ocean lounge experience, especially Pablo ********* taking care of the family every evening!! This young man KNOWS the concept of "people experience". Promote and keep this guy. He could teach his peers a lot!! So glad to hear of the two new premium properties and hope you can pursuade the Condado Vanderbilt units under construction to join the Marriott brand as well! Thanks again fora great vacation. The Craig's

Mr. Marriott, Puerto Rico has greatly benefited from your company since the ealry 60's, and will continue to strive with your properties along the island's beautiful beaches!
It is an amazing destination and Marriott will be a big reason why people will want to visit!

Having outdoor shower for the rooms is a fantastic idea for a beach resort, it creates a tropical atmosphere. Wish you the best!!!

Mr. Marriott:

Resilience! Thanks for sharing as you keep Marriott on the Move.