Get a Taste for What it Takes at 'My Marriott Hotel'

June 17, 2011

My-Marriott-Hotel-Game When I visit our hotels, I always like to go to the kitchen. A clean, well-run kitchen usually means the rest of the hotel is also clean and well run.  In the hotel business, we call it "the heart of the house."  The kitchen is pretty close to my heart too, because that's where I got my start 55 years ago.  I was working in my parents' Hot Shoppes restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Not many people get to go behind the scenes of a Marriott kitchen, but now you can thanks to a new game we launched on our Jobs and Careers Facebook page.  The game, which we call "My Marriott Hotel," gives you a chance to run your own restaurant.  You get to buy equipment and ingredients on a budget, hire and train employees, and serve guests.  You earn points for happy customers and lose points for poor service and food.  When you turn a profit, you win!  It’s addictive.  One person reported playing the game for 36 hours straight. 

My-Marriott-Hotel-Female2 It's a new way for us to attract people from all over the world to hotel careers.  So far, in the first two weeks, people in 83 countries have played the game.

In some countries, parents want their children to be doctors and lawyers, and discourage them from pursuing careers in hospitality.  But we want them to know that hotel careers can be very rewarding.  In fact, about 40 percent of our managers started in hourly jobs.  It's part of our corporate culture “to train and retain.”

So, do you have what it takes to run a hotel restaurant? Try your hand at My Marriott Hotel and let me know.  I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

If you're on Facebook, click on this link to play. 

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I'm sure a virtual experiment such as this will be very useful for undergraduates studying hospitality! We used simulations similar to this when I went to college for hospitality!

Home away from home! I had wonderful time at the Marriott Residence Inn in Covington, La. That was the best stay I have expereienced away. One request can you build one just like that in the city of New Orleans. It was the best.

Mr. Marriott,

We recently stayed at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Spa for a week, and I must say, it was the best vacation we have ever experienced. The staff was wonderful, the hotel was immaculate and the restaurant food was great. My husband said, "I need to tell Mr. Marriott that there is only one problem with this hotel, the beds are so comfortable you feel like you are floating on a cloud, and you don't want to get out of them to do anything while you are on vacation." Needless to say, we are purchasing a Marriott bed for our home.

Mr. Marriott,

My husband and I just stayed at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort for a week, and I must say it was the best vacation we have ever experienced. My husband said, "I need to tell Mr. Marriott there is only one problem with staying in a Marriott Hotel during vacation, you never want to get out of their magnificent bed to go anywhere - this bed is like floating in the clouds." So, needless to say, we are purchasing one of the Marriott beds.

Mr Marriott,

I love the whole concept of what Marriott are trying to achieve worldwide and appreciate your knowledge as a good business person to keep reinventing the wheel so that you can play your part in ensuring that the "tourism and travel industry is always a positive force for good in the world" BUT I am one of your 400,00 MVC owners (relatively new!)and I'm not happy but no one will listen to me. I live in Ireland, we're a little more laid back here and different ways of looking at the same matter has me so frustrated!! Help!

Mr Marriott,
What your doing, keep doing!! We had a great experience at your Marriott Oakbrook Hotel in Illinois. The fornt desk manager Dan Parkcehi was so welcoming, friendly and informative. The rest of the hotel staff was great too!! We are telling everyone about our experience ,family, freinds and company clients. Thankyou again!!

I worked at the Courtyard by Marriott in West Dundee, IL. I was so sad when I had to leave Marriott International to further my schooling. Finding this game has made my day! This is an awesome game Mr. Marriott! I will always recommend Marriott International Hotels not only to my traveling friends and family, but for anyone interested in an amazing career!

I have to share this based on your comments. We stopped tonight at a Fairfield Inn in Burley, ID; first time there for my wife and I after a long 9 hour drive. Dwight at the front desk was simply fantastic on the sign in and the dinner recommendations. The local dinner hot spot was great and he even asked when we got back 'how was it'...not often you get treated so well on a fast and short stay, but I am very impressed. Glad we stopped in Burley, may never go there again but if we do..Dwight is on my list for fantastic service. Mike

Mr. Marriott,

What a wonderful concept you have created. The effective utilization of social networking gives you access to a much wider population. You have managed to promote your brand in a fun yet very educational way. This game, as you correctly stated, may very well spark the interest of not only the general hospitality field, but also your brand. I commend all your efforts and I look forward to your other exciting innovations.

I think that this idea is just "spectacular" I worked with marriott for 11 years, and I still have marriott in my blood. As usually, "we" are the best and always willing to improve every aspect of the hotel industry.

For me, there is no one else, that has better hotels than Marriott!