Get Moving at Marriott

June 2, 2011

Get Moving at Marriott As summer approaches, many people start thinking more about getting fit and leading healthier lifestyles.  We want to look better in our bathing suits.  But many find that it can be quite difficult to get started with a new exercise program or diet.

Our Marriott associates are no exception, and that’s why we’ve developed our TakeCare wellness program -- to help our associates and their families get started on their path to a healthier life.  This program is designed to help associates make small changes to their daily routine, because small changes add up and eventually become healthy habits.

As part of the program, we have created challenges in which many of our associates from around the world compete.  The most recent challenge launched at the beginning of May.  It’s called Get Moving at Marriott and it encourages participants to complete 150 minutes of exercise a week for 8 weeks.

The challenge is designed as a virtual tour around the globe and each week will feature a different Marriott property from all over the world.  As associates successfully complete 150 minutes of exercise a week, they will move toward the next destination on the challenge route.  All associates who finish a week with the full 150 minutes of exercise will be entered into a raffle for a prize representing that week’s destination.

While this challenge is open to many of our associates around the world, several of our hotels have put in place their own wellness initiatives.  For example, the associates at our JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa in Hawaii worked together to build their own fitness center to help them stay active.

They also hosted a contest based on the TV show, “The Biggest Loser” for the second year in a row.  The contest just ended a few weeks ago and the female winner lost an impressive 11.6% of her starting weight, and the male winner was able to shed 5.5% of his starting weight.  Congratulations to both of the winners and good luck to all of our associates who are currently participating in the Get Moving at Marriott challenge.

Activities and programs like these go to show that our hotels and associates are truly committed to improving their health and well being.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.


Get Moving at Marriott


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Mr. Bill I think this is a great idea, i would like to help out and incorporate my massage therapy services at your fairfield hotel in jackson michigan. I recently graduated from baker college and have worked at a few hotels in the last ten years. Check out my web site at

i think that this program proves that Marriott is ahead of other company's in taking care of its clients and employees. This effort shows why Marriott is one of the best lodging organizations.

Bill, I think it's fantastic that you show such care and concern for your employees. Also that you talk to them on a personal level and make them feel as though they really do matter to you and your company. There are not enough people like you in this world, you never fail to impress me :)

Hi Bill,
Great program!

The Marriott may also want to offer their team links to some of the cool wellness apps (many are free) currently available to help them create lasting healthy habits - like exercises.

"Healthy Habits" is a FREE iPhone app that is being used by many wellness teams and individuals to help them make lasting changes.

Check it out.

I wanted to congratulate your group particularily Desert Ridge in Phoenix. Staying there was beyond my expectations. The staff were wonderful, the atmosphere one of peaceful efficiency, the location and how you integrated the the resort with the sacredness of the land is quite exceptional for a coporate culture. All in all an outstanding experience for this world traveller

thank you
I look forward to experiencing other hotels in your group

Speaking of healthier lifestyles, Bill can you please stop the pumping of artificial scent into your hotel lobbies. It really is an assault of the senses, and makes staying here not very enjoyable.

Dear Mr Marriott,
The snappy new lobby decor at Courtyards is very attractive. Just made a stay and thought you may want to give this constructive criticism some thought . . . Hampton Inn has Marriott beat hands down with their snuggly comforters and thick bath towels. I find the thin cover on Courtyard beds and super thin bath towels lacking. catherine thompson

Another indication that MARRIOTT cares about guests and associates alike. GREAT!

Mr. Marriott:

I am sure that you have read “The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by T. Friedman” It would be interesting to experience how you would use “open source” (a bottom up approach) with your online blog community, in your own creative way, as we continue moving in an all dimension flattened world, as you keep Marriott on the Move.

Bill, thanks for the inspiring note! It was just the right amount of motivation for me to get started on my summer exercise and weight reduction program--which is long overdue!

What a great idea! We all know that people who are healthy physically end up more likely to be healthier "in the head" and in turn they'll be better positioned to provide that awesome Marriott service to which we have become accustomed! Way to go.