What a Ride!

June 30, 2011

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I love cars, especially fast cars.  On my recent trip to Spain to launch our new AC Hotels by Marriott brand, my host and new business partner Antonio Catalan took me out to the Spanish race track in Madrid.  Even though I speak little Spanish and Antonio doesn’t speak very much English, we both have a tremendous passion for great hotels and also race cars.  


Take a look at the great picture below.  Can you identify the car I’m driving? Guess the car

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What a ride.  I reached speeds that must have been close to the sound barrier – or so it seemed.  As a token of our new partnership, I was presented my own racing helmet. 

Earlier, we had toured two of Antonio’s historic hotels in Madrid.  They are now part of our Autograph CollectionAC Santo Mauro is the former palace of a Spanish Duke.  AC Palacio Del Retiro is protected by Spanish National Heritage.   Each hotel has about 50 rooms and a lot of great old-world charm. 

I’m not sure which part of my day was more fun.  Touring our two new “historic” Autograph Collection hotels or putting the pedal to the metal at the Spanish race track.

The photo showing my “two-thumbs up” says it all.  It’s symbolic of both our companies coming together to form a winning team in racing and hotels.  There’ll be a lot of checkered flags in our future.  

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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It's an Aston Martin??? How did the car drive? I'm ready to visit one of those Madrid hotels.

Great pix. Love seeing Mr. Marriott in action. It looks like a fast car. Is it a Ferrari?

Nice ride MR. Marriott its a 330 GT!

Mr. Marriott, the vehicle that you're driving looks like an 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider.

En Espanol: Senor Marriott, ese vehiculo que usted esta manejando parece un 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider.

Best regards,

Wilfredo "Fred" J. Murillo
Platinum Member

Dear ,
Thanks for this opportunity , the car you were driving was a BMW model but i can't tell the year that was built .
Thank you .

Looks like a Ferrari 330 GTC to me :)

Nice ride!

Hi Bill, at first I thought the car might be an AC as the initials are the same as the Autograph Collection hotel chain but I now think that it is a Maserati. A great Blog - many thanks for all of the interesting posts.

1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

(could be a 1968-but 1967 is best guess!!)

On guess the car , I would say it's an Alfa Romeo Spider.

Aston Martin?

Aston Martin???

I would need my 11 year old son here to identify the car!! Older Porsche maybe??!! Regardless, as a consumer I appreciate that two thumbs up optimism -- it's one of the reasons I chose Marriott for my upcoming stay in Orlando before I depart for Guatemala!