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August 8, 2011

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I started out at Marriott much the same way our young people do today.  I worked after school and during the summer.  It wasn’t called an internship back then, but I knew it was a great way to get experience and learn the business.  When I was 14, I stapled invoices after school in the Hot Shoppes accounting office.  

Summer Interns

Today, when walking around hotels and headquarters, I see a lot of bright, young excited faces.  A few interns are helping me post this blog.  They want us to add more pictures.  So we took a picture and wham!  It appeared instantly on one of their Facebook pages with the caption: “Hanging out with the boss man after recording his blog.”

They took a picture of the boardroom, too.  I don’t know why anybody would want that, but they did.  Long gone are the quiet interns who just put invoices together. 

While a majority of our interns come from hospitality schools, many don't.  I knew nothing about hotels when we opened our first one, but I was sure anxious to learn.   I certainly learned on the job much the same way our interns learn when they arrive at our company.  

Marriott Boardroom

In the coming weeks, we will say goodbye to our summer interns.  Hopefully, they will come away with a better understanding of how hotels operate.  And, equally as important, we will learn from the next generation what truly "turns them on." 

As “the Boss Man,” I want to say thank you to all of you. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

Leave a comment telling me about your internship.


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I was just skimming through information about the hospitality industry and came across this post. I think you rock Mr. Boss Man, and I loved this post!! Thank you for your contributions to the Marriott School. I feel privileged to attend there.

Good Morning Mr. Marriott

My name is jose and I work at Marriott Cancun Mexico. I just want to thank you for creating such an amazing place to work. I have worked for other hotels but nothing like Marriott. Im just starting my career at the hospitallity industry but I think Marriott is the right place to fulfill my highest ambitions. Thank You.

Good morning Mr. I was reading your blog about you early days as a Hot Shoppe employee, I was reminded of those days in Salt Lake City when you and I worked the fountain and ran the curb I recall it was a lot more work than assembling invoices in the office. Alway great to walk down memory lane with you and recall the hard work many of us old Hot Shoppers did to contribute to the success of todays Marriott Corporation. Wishing you well and may God continue to bless you and your family with all the abundance that you deserve.

On September 3 2011 I was a guest At fairfield inn&suites in wilson nc the
Addresses 4915 hayes pl west my Folio # 63055. I have stay in many
Hotels but your suites was the best.
I truly enjoy the bed & pillows
The breakfast was good .my stay is rate 10 & above

I actually started working at a Marriott Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fl when I was 18. I had no idea that I would enjoy so much. I am only 22 years old now and I have remained at the same property doing various positions. I have done at least 5 different positions allowing me to learn almost every aspect of the hotel. I just recently switched to another Marriott in Fort Lauderdale and I’m really excited to start my journey there. I like how Marriott Hotels give young adults like myself an opportunity to grow within the company.

Mr Marriott,
I really appreciate all of your blogs, but this particular post stands out to me. I have never been a student within the hospitality field, nor have I ever had the opportunity to intern. I have, however, began my hotel journey in a similar manner, ei. stapling papers, filing, answering phones, etc.. within the office of a local hotel management company. Following my morning routine of offering admin. support to the office, I would change my clothes and head to our Fairfield Inn and Suites, where I worked the front desk. It was a phenomenal learning experience to learn the 'behind-the-scenes' operations while simultaneously being the front face of the hotel property. I am currently working for another local property as a catering sales manager while also managing the operations of our banquet department. Once again absorbing all the aspects of hotel life that I can get my hands on at once. I wanted to share my story with you because Marriott has been my influential element throughout my career growth. I aspire to someday join the Marriott International family. Reading your blogs solidifies what Marriott is based on. Simply put, excellence. Overall, thank you for your dedication to Marriott, and to the rest of us who admire and cherish the heart of the company.
I plan on attending college to add to my hands on experience, and who knows, maybe someday I will have the opportunity to intern or even work for Marriott.

Good Morning,

Thank you to Rachel P. of Morgan Hill, california Marriott's. Our 14 year old grandson was waiting outside the hotel for our arrival, he had inquired if we had arrived. Rachel went outside invited him into the Lobby to wait to assure his safety, thank you for your kind consideration for our grandson. Rachel P. is greatly appreciated by our family and we hope by Marriott's. Mary Colbert-Lodi, California

Good morning Mr Marriott.

iam so sad boss because i ;
miss my Marriott family :( in lebia i wish back work withe our best company ever

good bless you sir


Hi, I am pretty much a Road Warrior, Just saying thanks to Marriott for all the enjoyable stays over the years. I always prefer them over other chains, feel more like they respect and appreciate me as a customer. Excellent support always from Corporate staff when I encounter issues. I think it's because Bill's humbleness and leadership filter down.

BTW :Funny how the chairs are all lined up in the Board room pictures.

Take care, Don

Mr. Marriott,
Although I have never worked as a intern (I have both a bachelors and masters degrees), for nine years I worked as a reservations agent part- time. One of the saddest days of my life was when they closed down our center and moved to a more cost effective area. Unable to find another part-time position, I no longer work for Marriott.

I miss my Marriott family :(

What a great opportunity for young people to experience the excitement of the Hospitality Industry...

...Great idea!!!

Good morning Mr Marriott.

I have been with Marriott since my sophomore year in college. I started my career with an internship in Housekeeping at the Renaissance Houston Hotel. I requested the opportunity to do more internships since I still had about year and half before graduation day. I wanted to expand my experience as much as I could, so I requested internships in Accounting and Sales & Marketing. I worked in accounting for 6 months and in sales for 1 year as an Intern! Upon graduation I was offered the MDP program at the front office. I spent a total of 3 years at the Renaissance Houston Hotel. In 2010 I was offered a position as the BT Sales Manager at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Hotel. I actually had the honor of meeting you this year when you came to visit our Hotel after our $31 million renovation. Today, after Sales Transformation, I'm the Area Account Executive Mid Market for Miami. I graduated in the Fall of 2008, and I'm proud to say that I work for the best Company and leader in the Hospitality Industry! Without your great internship programs, I would not be in the position I am today! Thank you!
Jose A. Sanchez.
Area Account Executive - Miami.

Mr Marriott,

I started as an Event trainee 05 years ago at the JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro and after seven months I was hired as Event Auxiliary at this hotel. They did not only gave me my first job opportunity but also a lifetime experience that I my living until today as an Event Coordinator at the same hotel. Marriott is the perfect place for those who aim for a chance to prove their potential because they trust and also develop you.

I’m so thankful for that opportunities that was given to me .

I just want to say " I am proud to be a trainee" in Singapore Marriott Hotel. Thank you so much for giving me the oppurtunity and hope I will become a permanant family member of Marriott Family.

Don't you love interns these days. No telling what they will do. Be careful that you don't let them see your new lobby design or that will be on facebook, too.

Love the boardroom. When's the last time the decor was updated? It should star in a "Mad Man" scene. It's a classic.

Listening to the interns is smart business. These kids know their way around facebook and twitter and all the new communication channels. The hotel that figure out how to reach this generation will win the game.

Mr. Marriott,

I agree about what these students bring to the operation! I had the fortune of working with Ms. Elizabeth Mathison this summer! She brought such enthusiasim to the job each and every day! She is definitely going to be an asset to any hotel company ready to hire her in 2 years. I know I will be keeping my eye on her and hoping she chooses the greatest hotel company to work for in the world.

Paulette Czajka

Mr. Marriott Success will be yours at every wake of life as always. I congratulate you on this wonderful moment and sincerely wish there are more to come in your life in the future. My best wishes are with you.Thank you for creating employment worldwide.Am happy to work in marriott Doha Qatar.

I thank GOD for making my dream of working in marriott come true.Mr. Marriott your my role model.

10 years ago, I started as an intern at the Griffin Gate Marriott in Lexington, KY. I'm from Argentina, so this was a great way for me to learn about the Hospitality industry and improve my English skills. Now I look back and think of how wonderful the opportunity for me start like that was. It trained me in several areas of the Hotel, such as Front Office, Banquets, Human Resources and Restaurants. Now, I'm the Assistant General Manager at the Residence Inn North Point. I can not thank Marriott enough for the knowledge, inspiration and the career that I have.

Hello Mr. Marriott: I am a former Maryland resident who has followed and admired you and your family for some time. I only stay at Marriott properties due to the high standard of care. I have run into a problem that I would like you to know about. Please email me at the address below. Thank you. Long-time Marriott customer and member.

I love this blog because I can directly relate. I studied International Hotel Management in my home country, Ireland. While I learned a lot during my 4 years, it wasn't until I started working for Marriott, during my final internship, that I really started to understand the industry. I was given the opportunity to carry out my one year internship with Marriott. After 6 months I was promoted to a supervisor position and 2 years later I am still with the company, in a new city. I always recommend this company to anyone interested in starting a hospitality career. Thank you for the opportunities.

Dear Mr Marriott

I would like to congratulate you on your blog, a great initiative!I am currently completing my Master Degree in International Hospitality and Tourim Leadership and my dissertation topic is on social media marketing in the luxury Greek hotel sector. I have actually used your Company as an example of one of the leaders in using social media marketing! I represent a Swiss Hotel School in Athens, Greece, Alpine Center and I am in charge of internships so I greatly enjoyed reading this article! As a matter of fact we recently had one great GM working in the Marriott in Athens, Mr Eric Zuri but he relocated! Great person and very inspiring! He spoke a lot about Marriott International to our students and they absolutely loved him. I am trying to place a student of ours now to do a Management Trainee Internship in F&B department either in Brazil, Mexico or Hong Kong! Would be great if he could learn from the best! Thank you for your time Mr Marriott and keep on doing an exceptional job!