Good Burgers and Good Business

August 1, 2011


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I was raised on good hamburgers and I just love a good burger.  It takes me back to my boyhood days and the fun of eating in one of my parents’ Hot Shoppes restaurants.


In-N-Out Burger

When I travel out west, I try to pop into In-N-Out Burger, a regional chain located primarily in California and Arizona in the Southwest.  In-N-Out burgers are great and their “Animal Style” burger really hits the spot.  My father would have loved In-N-Out Burger because they cook their burgers to order and they use the best ingredients. 

Hot Shoppes Car Hop

Back in the heyday of our Hot Shoppes restaurants, our menu had more than 300 items.  We insisted that every selection be fresh and always available.  It was that customer–oriented philosophy that helped make Hot Shoppes successful and laid the foundation for our global hotel business today.

Our attention to detail carries over to our Marriott sales force.  They’ve helped In-N-Out Burger expand in Texas by offering one-stop shopping.  Let me explain.  Our sales representative has arranged for their team to stay at multiple Courtyards and Residence Inns.  We’re the only hotel company that operates this way.  

In N Out   Hot Shoppes Exterior

Before, our corporate customers would have to call each individual hotel to book a meeting or block of rooms.  Now, they can make a single call to one of our sales offices and shop and compare all of our hotels across our family of brands and find just exactly what they need for their business.  

Residence Inn Loves In-N-Out

That’s how our customers, like In-N-Out, told us they want to do business and we listened. 

We began transforming our sales organization many years ago and now have eight offices around the U.S.  It’s changing the game and making it easier than ever for our customers to book our hotels.  We’re selling them the way they want to be sold.

At Marriott, we know a good burger and good customers.  Thank you In-N-Out Burger.  We’re certainly glad we can help you expand your terrific business.  

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.


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I'm a huge fan of the In and Out burger chain. I lived in San Diego for a number of years and I enjoyed an In and Out burger religiously. I'd say I had In and Out at least 3 times a week. Sadly I have moved to Dothan, AL and the folks here have never even heard of the chain. I miss my In and Out! Perhaps a franchise in our area is needed? Just thought I'd put my two cents in on the subject.

If you want a great burger head to Portville NY and stop at Reds and Trudys. It was even featured in the NY Times a few years back.

We need a good burger place in Canada. Mr. Marriott can you talk to your friends and see if that is possible...Thanks.


I read your thoughtful view of G.W. Bush's difficult dicision. But I see it differently. He made a terrible decision that has compromised the future of this country. Of course, that is a comment born of hindsight, yet there is plenty of evidence that show Bush decision making was indeed faulty and heavily influenced by special interests and staff members.

I am also saddened by later revalthe methods he used to tell his story that violeted journalistic principles that help form the foundation of our democracy.
As later documented to the shame of many journalist, the Bush administration used their own experts as second sources, a violation of American journalistic practice.

History will show that Bush's poor decsion making and his propensity to follow the oil industry and other special interests have played a significant role making the U.S. a country of the rich and the poor.

Gino's just revived a restaurant in Towson, MD, serving their traditional menu that includes the "Gino's Giant," the first knock-off of the Mighty-Mo (the three-bun double cheeseburger that started it all).

August 16, 2011

Mr. Bill Marriott,

My name is Grady Garrison and the purpose of this letter is to commend the complete staff at your J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, CA location.

On August 5th and 6th of 2011 we had our 8th annual golf tournament, the second consecutive at your location. Our group has quadrupled in size in the past 2 years. We believe a big reason in that growth is the service and courtesy your staff has provided us, not to mention the beauty of the resort.

When commencing our tournament planning we started with reserving 15 rooms and tee times for 24 golfers. As the word spread, we kept adding rooms and golfers. I believe the last count was 29 rooms and 46 golfers. The whole time Norma Camarillo, (Event Specialist) and Brianne Maurer (Senior Sales Manager) were very amicable and helpful. I would also like to give kudos to your Golf director Bob Tamblyn. As mentioned above our total number of golfers kept changing and we understood that due to the late addition of that many golfers it would be difficult to have the group get consecutive tee times. So, we agreed to Bob’s offer of having split tee times. Our main concern was to give everyone the opportunity to golf. To our surprise Bob called back and was able to move things around and accommodate our group with consecutive tee times. I lack words to describe our appreciation for Bob going above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to accommodating our additional golfers he had preprinted score cards, tee time schedules and closest to the pin markers.

We are already starting our plans for our tournament at your resort next year.


Grady W. Garrison

Thank you to Rachel P. of Marriott's in Morgan Hill, California for the care of my grandson, he waited outside the hotel for our arrival (age 14) she invited him into their lobby to await our arrival to insure his safety...thank you, thank you.....Mary Colbert
Lodi, California

Mr. Marriott wrote: "It was that customer–oriented philosophy ... laid the foundation for our global hotel business today."

It is that customer-oriented philosophy that keeps Marriott head-and-shoulders above the competition on every level. Yesterday, I was trying to book accommodations for several family members who will be traveling a long distance to Peoria, Illinois for a wedding next month. My dilemma was that the wedding is at 2:00, and no one would guarantee us any early check-ins so that we could freshen up and change clothes. No one, that is, until I spoke with Ben at the Courtyard Inn - Peoria. Our needs were considered and addressed as carefully as those of those of your corporate customers. This was not only a great relief to me, but a source of pride as well. You see, my dad was Art Pfeiffer, the project manager hired to oversee establishment of the Illinois Courtyard Inns, and later, I believe, other mid-western locations. He was proud to be part of the Marriott "family", and he thought and spoke very highly of you, Mr. Bill Marriott.

Best burger on the planet!!!

Come to Bloomington Minnesota and Ill take you out for a Juicy Lucy on me.

It’s interesting to read and especially see the differences between “In-n-Out Burger” menu vs. the Original Marriott menu that had fresh 300 items. The “In-n-Out Burgers” has basically 8 items, 4 of them are drinks; soda, milk, shakes and coffee).

One great thing about In-n-Out is that they pay their employees well, even at the entry level. It's great to see that people can make a good living flipping burgers if that's what they like to do.

I was born and raised in California and can attest to the fact that nothing compares to an In-N-Out burger! The service is consistently upbeat and excellent, and the food is even better. I am a vegetarian now and can honestly say that the only meat item I miss (and dream about) is a good ole' In-N- Out burger!

Like In-N-Out, I am so happy that I can always expect great quality at a Marriott in which ever city I stay in. While it is always a 50/50 chance that the room will be up to par when I stay at other chains, I have to admit I have never been dissapointed when staying at a Marriott. Thank you for peace of mind when selecting a Marriott and in the future, I will stay with the tried and true - Marriott!


I love good hamburgers too.

P.S. Admin, why my post never get approved and never appeared on the bloc?

Thanks in advance,

Yours faithful,

I've never had an In-N-Out burger, but I plan to try.

The "Marriott Burger" is the first time I had Grey Poupon mustard, something I still enjoy today. Sadly, that hotel does not serve it anymore.

I've enjoyed many Marriott Burgers over the years.

With the exception of the Marriott London Heathrow, they have all been very good (and I tried 3 times at the Heathrow Marriott to get a good one). However, over at the nearby Heathrow Windsor Marriott, the Marriott burger was just fine. One of the best Marriott burgers I ever had was at the Houston Airport Marriott...they told me they got a lot of compliments about theirs. The very first Marriott burger I had was at the Seattle Sea Tac Marriott..

In'N'Out Burger (INOB)thrives on being a non-franchised, privately-held, quality-driven business focused on good service at a fair price. Just like your father's DC A&W stand, the Snyder's began it all with one "store" in Baldwin Park CA in the late 1940s. The INOB idea has been copied but never equaled. Other burger chains lost their way but INOB remains as ever, a place where you can be welcomed by friendly folks and well-fed at the same time.

Roger Denk

It's great to hear from so many former Hot Shoppe employees! Burgers, milk shakes and french fries helped us grow into the company we are today. So, I like burgers for a number of reasons. Thanks for reading the blog. Each week, I'll have a new one. - Bill

That "animal" burger is incredible. It's great that you're helping them expand East. Do you know when they will be in Virginia?

Have you thought about bringing in-n-out into a marriott like Starbucks or Blue Ribbon Restaurant?

I worked at Hot Shoppe in Silver Springs, MD in 1968. Remember it well. Fond memories. Also, lived in CA so can vouch for In-And-Out too.

Bill -

I live in So Cal and have enjoyed In-N-Out for years. They are family owned, like Marriott, and care about their customers. Unfortunately, Marriott recently decided to charge its Marriott Rewards Card holders an annual fee along with Chase. Poor decision which requires this long time loyal member to depart and seek accomodations and service elsewhere. You need to remember your loyal members are the backbone of any successful organization.

Sean Wozney
Ladera Ranch, CA

My son Eric now lives in Wisconsin but when we pick he and his family up at the airport the first stop we make is the nearest In-N-Out!

Mr. Marriott~

I have to utmost respect for you and all the Marriott brands! Could not emagine a world without them.
But could you please encourage In N Out Burger to build near your Naples Ritz-Carltons?

Warmest Regards

In -n- Out Burger is now on my bucket list!