The Art of Style at SpringHill Suites

October 13, 2011

In 1998, we launched a brand designed for the traveler looking for more space and a sense of style.  That brand was SpringHill Suites.  Now, we’ve taken it a step further. 

When you think of space and style, what comes to mind?  To me, it’s art galleries. 

For the last two years, SpringHill Suites has held ArtNight.  Our lobbies turn into galleries filled with works from local artists.  From photography to cartoon drawings, glass sculptures to air brushed motorcycles, the artwork has been sensational. 

Embracing the local arts has not only strengthened our ties within our communities, but also enhanced our guests’ experience, giving them a real taste of the local art scene.  You can view some ArtNight pictures and video on SpringHill's new facebook page.


With all this talent at our hotels, we’re asking artists -- expert or amateur – to design a special edition hotel key card.  The winning submission will be featured on key cards next year at SpringHill’s nearly 300 hotels.  Key cards have high visibility, so be creative.  I only hope our guests will turn them in when they leave.

Anyone 18 years of age or older can submit their key card at  Deadline is November 1st.

We’re already seeing some awesome entries.  I’ll post the winning entry along with other finalists.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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Mr. Marriott--

Many thanks for being a true champion of the arts.

It is a shame to see public schools cutting their art budgets and institutions cutting back on art funding.

Not Marriott.

When I stay at the Renaissance Providence, RI, I marvel at the fact you saved the origional art that was part of the building before you renovated--from head-to-toe--this spectacular hotel.

Let us know the status of the Spring Hill key contest.

Best regards,
Brendan Ben Feeney
Marriott Platinum Elite Member

About the Key Card:
Why don't you color-code them?
Based on how often your clients stay with at any of the Marriott Hotel Chain.
Top one: Gold
Go by the each primary color of the rainbow. Next in honor of the artist who wins, give them the name recognition somewhere on the card. Our artists all need to be recognized for the exemplory work! Thank You!

I am a new employee at the mystic marriot in groton, ct.
due to winter storm alfred there were many power outages throughout the northern part of the state. because of this, many people sought refuge through the marriot family of hotels. these unfortunate people were directed to the southern part of the state which included my hotel. on monday 10/31/11 we were extremely busy. i work room service in the a. m. and i was extremely busy as was the restaurant. it was very impressive to me to see my vice president setting me up in room service, my president cleaning trays and carts in (the pit), my director of human resources bussing tables, my people in the sales dept. doing whatever they could in the restaurant, the engineering dept. bringing down my trays and carts, and my immediate supv. (chantel) doing it all and everybody else that i am forgetting for all there help. i have been in this business for a long time and i have never experienced this truly team effort that i was involved in. i want to thank all that were invoved and also to recognize what a fantastic job that was done by all.

This is a great way to benefit hotel guests, local artists, and community members. Love the idea of a key card design contest. I wonder what other community involvement initiatives could be implemented, perhaps at Marriott's other chains.