J. Edgar & Me

December 27, 2011


Donna and I attended the J. Edgar movie on opening day.  We both thought the movie was very well done. 

I was born in Washington in 1932 and lived here all my life except for four years in college at the University of Utah and two years in the U.S. Navy.  I grew up hearing about J. Edgar Hoover and the G. Men.

In 1939, my dad bought his first Cadillac and as a little boy I would travel with him to the Cadillac dealer to have his car serviced.  I remember seeing Hoover’s limousine in the garage.  While I looked inside, I saw machine guns fastened to the back of the front seat – very cool view for a six-year-old. 

Dad knew Hoover somewhat, but was a good friend of Sam Cowley with whom we attended church.  Sam was the FBI agent who was killed in a shoot-out with Baby Face Nelsen, a notorious gangster in the 30’s.  Cowley was able to kill Baby Face in the shoot out.  When my dad passed away, there was a letter in his old file from Hoover, who wrote my dad that Sam Cowley was the bravest man he ever met. FBI director J Edgar Hoover

Hoover and our family shared the same doctor and I was able to meet him one day in the doctor’s office.  I was in my 30’s and J. Edgar was very friendly and warm to this young man.

When we assumed the management of the Mayflower hotel in Washington, the staff was anxious to show me the booth where J. Edgar Hoover had lunch every day when he was in town.

Throughout my young life in Washington, J. Edgar Hoover was a powerful force.  Many Presidents came and went, but Hoover stayed on and seemed to be invincible and able to survive each and every new President.  He was quite a man. 

Leave a comment on J. Edgar or any movie that you recommend seeing. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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What an awesome way to keep Marriott on the move, Mr Marriott! I have been with Marriott for almost 9 years and it is very difficult to even consider working with another company. Thank you for all that you have done to make this company such a great place to work in!

good movie

Mr. Marriott: My first job was working for the FBI when I moved down here in 1970. I actually worked on the same floor as Mr. Hoover and I would get to see him in the hallways all the time. We sometimes rode the same elevator together. He was a very interesting person and I was thrilled to have worked for him. When I saw the movie, I could not believe that they showed the offices where I worked. It was an exciting time back in the early 70's.

Thanks for the great story from your point of veiw in sharing a little about J. Edgar Hoover. I want to share this with my son, just out of historic interest... :)

Happy New Year 2012 and many blessings from God. I'm happy I found your blog. It is very interesting. This is good you share your experiences for people. We need somebody who shares his wisdom and goodness. I'll come to your blog back very often. I can know you more and improve English I study.

Życzę Panu błogosławionego Nowego Roku 2012. Cieszę się, że odkryłam Pański blog. Jest bardzo ciekawy i na pewno będę tutaj wracać częściej.
To jest niesamowite, jak wiele można w życiu przejść i jak dużo jest do opowiedzenia, i jak dużo nie da się opowiedzieć i wyrazić. Tylko bezpośredni świadek może zrozumieć, i to nie zawsze. Jakże bogate (wewnętrznie) jest Pańskie życie. Gratuluję. Tylko Bóg wie, co się w Pana sercu kryje i On zna to, co chciałby Pan przekazać pokoleniom. Niech On Pana strzeże i opiekuje się każdego dnia.
Serdecznie pozdrawiam z Polski - Danuta z Kołobrzegu
With my prayer (I hope It doesn't matter for you I'm catholic)

Thanks for sharing

That's great post and beautiful pics

Fabulous blog information

Thanks for reminding me to see this movie. Wanted to, and admired Hoover since I was a young man. Will see!

Hello. Mr. Marriott, glad you are enjoying life. Edgar Hoover would be amazed at the technology available today. I like the forensic show called Bones. I am hoping for a peaceful good year in 2012.

You always make good movies.

Of course you have seen the TV series on Kennedy with Martin Sheen in the lead role ? It has some impressive scenes on Edgar Hoover's interaction with the Pres. Regards. Nirmal Patel.

Liked seeing Hoover movie. It was before my time so very interesting because myself and my kids don't know much about him.
I'm a platinum rewards member and own 4 weeks of Marriott timeshare. I love what you have built and look forward to great things in the future.

Thank you for your service!

P. Helms

Oh please, Hoover had dirt on every president and he blackmailed each one to make sure he kept his job.

I actually came to the site after seeing that Marriott International has given large amounts to the Romney campaign...one of his biggest donors, along with all the banksters who've received the massive bailouts Romney supported.

I wanted to tell someone that I'll never stay in another Mariott hotel again. Who better than you, Bill?

I've been a Mariott Rewards member for years. I won't support the hand chosen water boy of the insider elite indirectly with my travel dollar.

I am a Marriotts rewards customer and in the past I always stayed at the Courtyard while visiting Atlanta, GA. I like these hotels for the price and the service that I always received. Always excellent.
Unfortunately I no longer travel after experiencing a job loss.
The Marriott organization approach to making sure their customers have an enjoyable stay led me to apply and I hope to be a part of the Marriott family some day.

This is good stuff, would like to hear more on the famous people you have met, and your take on some of them.

Just stayed at the Courtyard in Baltimore's "Fells Point" area, all front desk employees are great!

I'm curious who did the rendering from the photograph. It's a pretty cool adaptation. I can understand how indelible the memories of tommy guns would be on your mind. You've had a remarkable life.


Thanks Mr Marriott for sharing your valuable information in this blog.Thanks alot for the post.

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Dear Bill,
My Dad began working for the FBI following WW II as a fingerprint tech and after working his way through law school, becoming a Special Agent. I recall meeting Mr Hoover once or twice along the way, but for a kid, firing a Thompson machine gun on the range was more impressive. The Hoover stories were interesting and every agent from that generation had at least one. J Edgar was one of those larger than life personalities whose impact continues to be felt.

Happy New Year to you, your family and the Marriott team.


I too have lived in the Washington DC area my entire life and grew p hearing those stories about J. Edgar. I never met the man and may have been slightly intimated if I had.

One movie I recommend to everyone is "Miracle" staring Kurt Russell. It is a movie about the 1980 US Hockey team and how they became a TEAM and how importantly family is ----- even our family we work with and that reminds me of the entire Marriott organization which is why I use this movie to demonstrate the power of teamwork and family go hand in hand.

Gregg Gregory, CSP

This movie was intriguing to watch -- I have lived in the DC area my entire life and have heard all of the stories about J. Edgar and found the stores you shared very interesting.

One movie I always recommend to anyone is "Miracle" staring Kurt Russell -- this movie charges batteries and gets everyone to understand how important a family is --- even your work family and this is the movie I use to demonstrate how great teams evolve and grow.

Gregg Gregory, CSP

I agree with PJM on the King's Speech. Just watched it for the first time the other night. Terrific. Brian (Calgary, Alberta)

I'm surprised so many have not seen "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Not a new movie, but a great portrayal of two men from very different backgrounds who met in a hospital room. Their adventure has woven into it a father's relationship with a daughter that needs to be mended. Mr. Marriott, I hope you also have a "bucket list" of things you've always wanted to do, but have not done due to your busy schedule with Marriott.

As a young man I also met a person who had a Cadillac in Washington DC. The mattress buyer at a furniture store on the Hill asked if I would like to join him for lunch. As we pulled up in front of the restaurant on the Potomac river I noticed the Caddy in front of me had DC-1 on the license plate. Could it be the President without his secret service escort? Not a chance. My friend said let's see if we can join him for lunch since it appeared he was alone. I believe it was January of 1972. I had just returned to my job with a company who held it open while I served in Viet Nam. After being asked all about my experiences while serving, and thanking me for that service, it became a business and life learning experience for me as he explained the values he placed on his relationships with his business partners. By now I think you know that man was your dad, and he had quite an influance on my life. Although I never got an order from him for mattresses, and he explained why, he did send my wife and I tickets to the Presidential parade and inaugural ball at the Mayflower Hotel. I've been a loyal Marriott guest now for over 40 years.