The Year of the Dragon

January 23, 2012



2012 is the year of the Dragon. Let the week-long celebrations begin. That’s right, an entire week of brilliant fireworks and colorful parades. It’s truly an amazing spectacle. Think Times Square – but a whole lot bigger!

Our Marriott hotels in Shanghai, Beijing and Sanya, will have ceremonies featuring Chinese drummers and Kung Fu artists. Food is also very important to New Year's celebrations. The Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel created a unique dim sum dumpling menu in honor of the Dragon.  Each dish is a work of art. 

Chinese New Year Coconut Pudding and Taro and Turnip Cake. 

Loh Hei Chinese Salmon Salad.

Pancake with pan-fried goose liver, sliced pork and chicken liver. 

The JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul celebrates with Korean customs.  Marriott employees wear colorful Korean costumes and hand out traditional treats like sticky rice cakes. 

Marriott hotels are truly apart of the communities they call home.  Like the dragon that represents strength, passion and good fortune, Marriott has strength in its brands, passion in its guests and good fortune for continued growth.  Recently, we signed our 100th hotel in China and are opening one hotel a month during the next three years. Each Asian hotel opening has its own traditional celebration. I dotted the eye of the lion in 2007 when Marriott opened its 3,000th property, JW Marriott Beijing.   Dotting eye of lion - JW Marriott Beijing opening 2007

Later this year, I plan on traveling back to China with my family.   I’ll be 80-years old and I can’t wait to learn more about its customs and help promote tourism.  So, happy New Year to our friends in Asia. Good fortune to everyone.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.Chinese

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It means "wish you a good fortune and happy new year" in Chinese.
I'm proud of being a family menber of Marriott here in China~! Thank you! Uncle Bill!

Yes, a wonderful time for the People's Republic of China and for the growing family of Marriott hotels within Mainland China. I came back to my room on the evening of January 23 at the China Hotel in Guangzhou to find a wonderful stuffed little dragon on my bedstand. Best regards,

Congratulations on being named as one of China's top employers by CRF Institute! What an honor and a great start to establishing ourselves in the region!

Ah yes, Chinese New Year in London. Once again, I wonder why I choose to check into a Marriott hotel??

Marriott Country Hall, checking in as a Gold member, with a River View room reserved.

My basic, standard question to the recetionist "? Is this a quite room?". I asked it again slightly differently and also asked about a higher floor.

The answer was basically "this is what you are going to get, it is a quite room".

50 feet outside the window (it is impossible to get closer) is a massive VERY VERY loud drumming program taking place. Unfortuntely, they did not start rattling the windows until about 15 minutes after I was in the room and unpacked.

Had I not been traveling for 3 days and already had everthing hung up, and facting a dinner meeting in 2.5 hours, I would have checked out.

Once again, an example of the people at the front desk not having the slightest idea of what is going on in the real world. That is all I can suppose, as the alternative is that they are simply do not care about guests spending money at a Marriott brand in the futre.

I Think is so amazing that the Marriott hotels are truly apart of the communities they call home. I wish all hotels could be so supportive of there communities


Great news for all students of Tourism & Hotel Management looking towards Marriott for an international career.

I applied for JW Marriott in Lima, Peru. I really want to be part of this wonderful worldwide company! Best wishes for the future~

I love how Marriott has stretched to many countries throughout the world. I am proud to be an employee of this incredible company. I wish I could be apart of the celebratoins in Asia this week.

The JW Marriott Beijing, the JW in Hong Kong, and the JW Shanghai at Tomorrow Square are three of our favorites! While we never stayed over "New Year" we found the service wonderful, the food exquisite, and the ambiance unequaled. We loved the concierge lounges and their staff. Good Fortune to you!

The DRAGON YEAR is good for CHINA as it is good for MARRIOTT, this is what I call "MARRIOTT ON THE MOVE" Congratulations Mr. Marriott and the whole team.

Wilder Savany

It's great to see a global company celebrate its different cultures. Have you thought of adding those dishes to all the menus during the Chinese New Year? I bet it would be a big hit.

What an exciting country! The U.S. should celebrate New Year's for an entire week. Imagine what Times Square would look like?

What beautiful delacacies! I've never been to China, but it is at the top of my travel list.

Mr. Marriott, safe travels and a happy new year to you as well.