The Super Bowl and Super Brands

February 6, 2012


Courtyard by Marriott guests love football.  So you can imagine all the lobby buzz for the Big Game.

Courtyard was right in the thick of it as the official hotel sponsor for the National Football League.  We even set up a Courtyard by Marriott Lobby Zone at the NFL Experience where fans of both brands could meet players and really get into the spirit of the game.  As you can see, it was a blast.  The power brands have been great partners right from the start.  


When Courtyard was launched in 1983, it created a new segment in the lodging industry.  Today, with more than 900 hotels worldwide, it continues to plow past the competition. Every day the brand’s leaders are coming up with new strategies to advance our winning streak. 

With Courtyard’s Refreshing Lobby, the brand scored big with a variety of fresh and tasty favorites at the new Bistro. We were the first to post calorie counts on our menus and now offer this great option to guests at more than 400 Courtyards nationwide.  The menus offer big crowd pleasers like artichoke dip, buffalo wings, hummus, turkey BLTs and -- my personal favorite -- the Bistro Burger.  


Hotel lobbies have long been a nice place to congregate.  The open layout of new Courtyard lobbies is now ideal for everything from pop up meetings to a place to watch games, including the Super Bowl.  Guests can relax, refresh, recharge and root for their favorite teams.  Maybe next year my Redskins will get their chance.

How did your team do this season?  And what did you snack on during the game?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to know.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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My recent stay at the West Palm Beach Gardens Marriott was just a wonderful experience. Very clean hotel and experienced staff. I left a very expensive Italian warm up jacket on a chair in the restaurant area. An alert staff member, Nicole found the jacket and began the process to find the owner.
The jacket is on a UPS truck for delivery thanks to Arie’s assistance.

Marriott’s team of professionals are given a notch up by the duty bound actions of Staffer Nicole. A special thank you to Nicole and Arie.

John McEwan

Great post! I am a Steelers fan, despite us not making it to the Superbowl this year. I am, however, happy that the Giants won! I went out to a local eatery in Greensboro, NC called J. Butlers. They had a deal for .50 wings and shrimp! Couldn't pass that up!

Giants go go go! I always watch your games! Tanks for your blog u r doing a great job

Mr. Marriott, thank you for sharing a portion of your thoughts with us. And thank you for helping to keep the Marriott Spirit alive.

-Proud to work the front desk at Courtyard by Marriott for five years now.

I'm so glad the Giants won again this year - feels good to beat Tom Brady every time!! However, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of Courtyard advertising during the season. Since we are the "official hotel of the NFL" I thought for sure I would see more ads but lo and behold, not many appeared and those that did I have seen before. I work for Courtyard and am proud to so I hoped we would show off a little more. Maybe next year?

Mr. Marriott, I hesitate telling you that I'm a GMen fan considering you're a Redskins fan but here it goes...we had pulled pork sandwiches, guacamole and chips, chicken wings with jalspeno ranch dip, brownies, beaumonde bread with chili cheese dip and chicken chili with some cold beers. NFC East rules!

I look forward to reading your blog. Your always upbeat and very informative. Mr.Kraft, Bill and the boys had a terrific season and will forever be my Superbowl Champanions despite the reult of the game. I sauteed up some lobster meat and layered it on pasta. Enjoyed immensely. Adios Amigo

Hi, Bill,
Love your blog!!
I was at a Super Bowl party with friends here in SoCal and made my spinach/artichoke dip. You're right, it's definitely a crowd pleaser.
And my "Jersey Giants" won so we're happy!
Stay well.

Our team did not make it to the Super Bowl (20 yrs since our last "great" season... can you guess who???). Though we thoroughly enjoyed this year's match, which we served up with hot italian sausage, crispy grilled chicken wings, a fresh veggie tray and spicy bean dip with tortillas. A cold beer or two added a nice touch to round out the festive time! Thank YOU, Mr. Marriott, for your tremendous support of your/our Marriott family world-wide ~ we truly are a SUPER Brand!

Hoping the Redskins will get their chance (long overdue) but so is their performance. Still a fan though! Food, family, a fireplace and big screen..who could ask for more? Great game.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

My team WON!!! the superbowl. I wish I could have been there to see the game in person, but I did cook some tasty snacks for myself. I had spicy baby back ribs and baked beans. I also made a lemon pie with fresh whipped cream. Yum.

we were at the Maui Ocean CLub at the Napili pool Bar enjoying the company of oher fans and the relaxed atmosphere in Maui! What could be better? The Pats winning..... of course,.

I'been in several Courtyard by Marriott out of USA and they are like a full service hotel, when I travel and I see a Marriott brand hotel I feel secure, I feel at home. Courtyard scored big on the football game !!!


Mr. Marriott:
The Redskins did have a chance at winning the Super Bowl, but it was 20 years ago. After a 15-year series of multiple coaches and expensive has-been players, I am afraid it will be another 20 years before it happens again!

As I look back on it, the Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Patriots and two other teams have won 30 of the past 46 super bowls. We of the Cincinnati Bengals haven't been to the super bowl since 89 - 22 years ago and lost the two times we did go to the 49ers, so it is somewhat frustrating.

Of the seven teams, all I believe have a general manager in addition to the owner - Belechick serves as GM and Coach. The Bengals do not have a general manager. A lot of us old folks are running out of time and hopeful we'll see the bengals in another SB. Anyway we can still party and had a bunch over for this year's Super Bowl. We usually serve lots of finger food plus dips like Guacamole and plenty of wine and beer. We'll keep our fingers crossed for next year.

Love the new lobby and thought the setup of a Courtyard Cafe area at the Indianapolis Airport this past two weeks was pretty creative! All the Marriott properties looked great for the Super Bowl with a special emphasis on the JW which was amazing with the 15 story high Super Bowl Trophy on it. As a long, long time Marriott loyalist who married a member of the old Resort Desk team at the Omaha reservation center its always a pleasure to see Marriott shine and in this case it was especially true in our home city of Indianapolis. My best,

I live with Dolphins but was born and raised flying with the Eagles...My snack of the day was TOSTITOS Restaurant Style with a Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips with medium Salsa...

Team (Steelers) made the playoffs but could not duplicate last season's SB appearance. Munched on pigs in a blanket, sliders and wings during the Super Bowl.

Great post! I am a Giants fan. But I wanted to reference your last post. When I managed a group, I also looked for people who were mature and driven. Those types of people are who make things happen. Everything as usual is not a good way to lead. You must look to become better all the time. If not, your competition will pass you by.