Cleaning up the Red Sea One Dive at a Time

April 22, 2012


The Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Red Sea Resort sent me a video of their recent community service project.  The hotel associates cleaned up the beach, but didn’t stop at the water’s edge.  They strapped on scuba tanks, dove into the sea and hunted for buried garbage.


Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful resort destination located in south Sinai Egypt.  The beaches are golden and the water clear. It’s like swimming in an aquarium and now it’s a cleaner aquarium.

Underwater Clean Up 1

The yearly beach and underwater cleanup project brings the entire community together.  The local scuba diving school, called Mr. Diver, donates the gear.  Project Aware Foundation organizes the divers.  I like its motto:  “to protect the ocean planet – one dive at a time.”  

I am proud of our Egyptian hotel associates volunteering and supporting this effort.  Marriott calls it “Our Spirit to Serve” and the Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Red Sea Resort is really diving into it.

Underwater Clean Up 2

Over the years, I’ve volunteered at food banks, community kitchens and other places that are on land.  But underwater?  Now that’s an impressive effort!  Whether land or sea, we are all guests on this planet.

Leave a comment on your favorite "green" experience.  I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.  


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nice to read this article for our planet protection activity by Marriott's associates. i like Marriot's core value. i like its"spirit to serve", not only to serve its associates, but more attention on the communities, on the land and underwater.
i believe we can do some more in our daily lives. save water, save power. don't litter...etc.
wish marriott will be better and better.

Making a move to clean body of waters can be a good service in order to maintain clean water. Cleaning the red sea can be a good manner of preserving it.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I would like to thank you for blogging about my Red Sea project, it is really an honor for me!
I have moved from Sharm El Sheikh Marriott to Courtyard and MEA Dubai in UAE and will continue the same efforts for our Spirit To Serve activities thanks to your encouragement and support.

Best regards,

Your hotels have always been great neighbors sponsoring events and forming partnerships with other groups to keep the environment clean.

WOW! that's a great project. You're right. It does look like they are swimming in an aquarium.

This is an admirable effort on your part. Each one of us need to bear some responsibility for the preservation of the tremendous gift to us from above so that the successive generations can enjoy its beauty as much as we are doing it today. This unusual undertaking in Egypt will no doubt become an example of dedication and shared environmental responsibility throughout your chains all over the world.