China's "Nobility of Nature" - Bees, Honey & Clean Water

May 15, 2012

A Sustainable Way of Life 

I want to take you on a trip via video to China’s Sichuan Province and introduce you to two young girls who live in the village of Guanba.  They know how important it is to protect their local rivers and streams.  One of the girls is 13-year old Dan Liu and the other is her sister Ying, who is 9.


Nobility of Nature - beekeeping

Their village is part of an innovative project called “Nobility of Nature.”  Two years ago this month, Marriott International and Conservation International partnered with the local provincial Chinese government.  The program promotes sustainable ways of making a living - such as bee farming and honey production  - instead of hillside farming and logging, which contributes to deforestation and polluted rivers.

 Dan Liu had this to say, “To preserve the environment is important because clean water helps bees produce really good honey.”  She gets it!

According to the World Health Organization, water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent of the globe. Preserving China’s water supply in the mountains and conserving the water in our hotels is one way that we can help.

Marriott recently signed our 100th hotel in China, and we’re featuring Guanba Village’s honey in our China hotels.  Our juice vendor, Chen Bao Fruit Company, bottles the honey for the villagers and a portion of the profits from the honey sales go straight back to supporting the Nobility of Nature program. 

Guanba Village is just one of several Sichuan province villages participating in the project.  If you visit one of our hotels in China, you should definitely try this sweet treat either in a cup of tea or in one of our desserts!

Enjoy the short video and leave a comment on Marriott’s Nobility of Nature project. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.  

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it is so sweet for Mariott to do it. I am a chinese, i real understand what living condition in Sichuan Village is.

God bless Marriott, God bless China

I am a chinese and I haven't heard this honey before. I think it's a good way to combine the charity project with the famous hotel management. Support you!

it's great to hear this program, i do hope in the future this can be international program.

Thank you for sharing

I was just preparing a post for my blog tonight when I happened upon my Hot Shoppes Cookbook from 1988. Looks like today is an important day in the history of The Marriott Hotel chain so I thought I would wish you a Happy Anniversary!!!

Dear Mr Marriott

I'm so excited that you can introduce my hometown Sichuan to the world. Thank you!!


With full of gratitude in AAW, I am so happy to see Marriott is helping Sichuan. We look forward to seeing you and Mr Sorenson next visit in China!

My ancestors are from the province of Sichuan, where this story of beekeeping was told. That plus my 12 years of working on Asia-Pacific projects, especially in China, made this story that much more endearing to me. I am thrilled and grateful that the company is involved in meaningful community projects throughout the world, as we help to change life one family, one village, at a time.