What Travel Type are You?

August 13, 2012

To run a successful company, you have to get a lot of things right and you have to be innovative.  When we launched Marriott Rewards in 1983, we had doubters.  People thought we were crazy to put so much marketing effort into a loyalty program.  Well, it’s paid off – big time.

Marriott Rewards has been one of the biggest success stories in the company and one of the major reasons we have been able to grow our brands.  We were the first hotel company to combine multiple brands into one program.  It has built tremendous loyalty among our guests, who are known to go out of their way to stay at our hotels in order earn points. 

Yet many of our members don’t know all of the 13 Marriott brands that offer points.  We feel it is important to help our Marriott Rewards members find the brands that are best for the type of travel they like.  Whether they are luxury travel, adventure seekers, traveling with the family or looking for an urban escape, we have a brand for everyone.  To find out -- and have a little fun – go to our Marriott Rewards Facebook page where you can play a game to find out what travel type you are. 

Rewards_FB_GraphicFinalToday, loyalty programs are every where from luxury stores to smoothie stands.  And you know what?  They work.  Today, Marriott has over 39 million rewards members.  On any given night, half of our hotel guests are members.  It’s a great industry success story.  

Leave a comment about a Marriott Rewards experience and what travel category you fit in to: Luxury Lover, Discoverer, Individualist, Weekend Wanderer, Family Traveler, Urban Explorer.

I’m Bill Marriott.  Thanks for helping me keep Marriott On The Move. 

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This is a pretty cool campaign. It looks like a lot of fun

Dear MR Marriot, I agree, each person is a type, some are GOOD types and do not try to exploit our islands and river sharks, Others poach and DO steal our river sharks and fish. It is good that Marriot hotel and their guests are so clean and nice, Our Island of manderas is thankful!

Mr. Marriott--
Count me in as one of the happy 39 million rewards members.

I just returned from a 5 day business trip to New York City. I made the decision to stay at your Stamford, CT Spa and Resort based on past positive visits. It the Marriott personnel that make Marriott hotels one's home away from home.

Please let Mr. Kelley know I had a restful and productive stay. You treat all guest with respect, yet when you are greeted by name--by a staff member walking across the lobby--that is personalized service.

Best wishes to you and Donna on your retirement. I cannot picture the 2 of you in rocking chairs. Like your motto, I bet the 2 of you are "on the move.

With great respect,
Brendan Ben Feeney

I admit that back in 1983 I was not sure about the program -- and I even remember it was called Marriott Marquis -- Regardless, I signed up back in 1983 and have absolutely enjoyed the rewards programs through all of the evolution's.

Thank you for being an innovator then and now

I believe that I joined Marriott's Honored Guest Awards program during a stay at the Marriott Astrodome hotel in...1985. That hotel is long gone, but Marriott and Marriott Rewards continues to help make me a pretty loyal Marriott guest. Earning Marriott Rewards points has allowed our family to enjoy some truly wonderful vacations that would otherwise have not been possible. Thanks!

I traveled heavily on business now my travel is business/leisure combination. Mutual loyalty means a lot to me. My meeting sometimes was controlled by others but if there was a full service Marriott in town I rented a car drove across town from a Marriott to the meeting. I know what to expect when check into a Marriott. When I was new in any town travelling to the Marriott, Marriott sign from a distance gave me a feeling of home and a friend in sight. Every full service Marriott typically meets or exceeds my needs away from home. There have been some changes over the years. The individual needs service excellence have not been matched since Hank Biddle, now retired, ran the Marriott Moscone in San Francisco in the early nineties. Chris who runs J W Marriott/Casa Magna, Cancun, Mexico and China, including most Marriott’s in all major cities come close. I have met and provided constructive feed back to the countless Marriott General Managers as I feel like the part of the Marriott Corporate family. Thank you for your loyalty and service to me. Syed T. A. Naqvi, Platinum Emeritus


I go where I want, when I want, camping or splurging as I see fit. It is nice to have a safe spot to shower and socialize at, like your great places, along the way!

I fully agree with Mr. Marriott. And as a Platinum member, from my experience of 32+ years of traveling throughout the U.S.A, and around the world, the Marriott Rewards experience is the best in the industry!

Thank you so much for the great job!


Wilfredo J. Murillo