Raising a Family of Brands

September 26, 2012

Fairfield Gate SignOne of our Middle Kids Turns 25 - Fairfield Inn & Suites

Just imagine having a family of 18 kids.  Well, at Marriott International, that’s the number of brands we have.  Each has its own personality, its own voice, its own friends that we call customers.  As we celebrate the 25th birthday of Fairfield Inn & Suites, let me tell you how it was born.

I wasn’t kidding about how our brands are like family members.  Fairfield was the name of our family farm in Virginia.  My father loved the Blue Ridge foothills that reminded him of his boyhood days on the family farm in Utah.  He got a lot of inspiration in the calm, pristine environment.  When he bought the farm, it was called “Fairfield,” and that became one of his favorite places to visit and entertain guests.

In 1987, our company expanded into the value segment of the hospitality business with a brand new hotel and named it after Fairfield Farm to pay homage to my dad’s uncompromising commitment to quality, service and value.  The first Fairfield Inn was in Atlanta, Georgia, and to this day, the brand is known for its warm welcome. 

Now we are exporting the Fairfield warm welcome to many countries around the world – Mexico, India, Brazil.  A few years ago, we introduced Fairfield to U.S. cities like Washington, D.C., and New York.  On 40th Street in New York, you can have a great evening on its roof top bar.


The brand has evolved to keep up with the demands of today’s traveler.  I never could have imagined that a moderate-tier hotel opened on interstate highways would someday have a big international pipeline.  Today, we’re at nearly 700 Fairfield Inn & Suites.  In 2016, we expect to have 1,000. 

Marriott has market analysts and consumer trackers that forecast trends.  What we see is an emerging international middle class that wants to travel and stay in moderate-priced hotels.  We have also identified new business travel within these fast-growing countries.  These two groups account for millions and millions of new travelers around the world.

I’m so proud of the Fairfield Inn & Suites brand.  Its rise has not come without growing pains, somewhat like a teenager’s.  Now, it’s hitting its stride, brimming with confidence.  So, as I said, brands are like members of our family.  In Fairfield’s case, even more so, and on its 25th birthday, my dad would be very proud.

Leave a comment about a memorable Fairfield experience.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Great article. I love the Fairfield Inn Brand! Would love some pictures as well!!!

I am so happy I listened to myself and not my relatives when I decided to purchased my Marriott timeshare. There hasn't been a day that I had regretted my decision. My family and I have enjoy great relaxing vacations in a suite that has every amenities of home. I came to think of Marriott as a home away from home and seek to only stay in a Marriott hotel. Other places just don't quite measure up.

Nice article

I am so excited that Fairfield has turn 25! The staff at Fairfield Inn & Suites DFW South/Irving had an amazing birthday party for the brand that will be remembered! We "Rocked the Shout" with pride, and had a great time celebrating Fairfield's accomplishments, as well as our own. We are approaching our one year anniversary as a property, and we could not be more proud to be a Fairfield Inn & Suites. With an amazing leader like Penny Scales guiding us, and helping us to be a exciting new property, we all know and feel what it is like everyday to have pride in our brand. Happy Birthday Fairfield! GO BLUE!!!!!

Nice...would love to see some more pics of this "special" kid

I think FairField Inns are spectacular. I stayed in one in the city of Toronto,Ontairo. We were on our way to Jamaica. The continental breakfast was surpurb. Waffles are a great idea! The staff at the Fairfield were friendly and courtous. I work for Marriott as a Reservation Specialist so I wanted to see how the brand operates. I was very impressed. The beds were so comfortable!

As a member of the Marriott family we thank you for creating the Fairfield Inn & Suites! Guelph, Ontario, Canada is a mid size city based in the heartland of agriculture in Southern Ontario. It is a city that requires a good moderate hotel that welcomes business travelers plus groups and Fairfield Inn & Suites fits that perfectly. It is wonderful to have a Marriott branded hotel in this area. I am the Director of Sales for the Fairfield Inn & Suites Guelph and it is a pleasure to be part of the larger Marriott family!

Dear Mr. Marriott , In October I 'am visiting my daughter , & stay at the Fairfield Inn Nashville Opryland , it is A nice hotel , location is good , your family story was interesting to read , best wishes to you & your family . Jalaine Shombert

Congratulations on 25 years!!! I never realized how the name was born. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Mr. Marriott, in deed one of the best brands out there. I am sure the Fairfield Inn will continually grow domestic and internationally and become one of the most powerful brands. All my best, Rodrigo.

Quite honestly I was not impressed with early Fairfield Inn properties. They seemed to be a big step-down from a Courtyard or full service Marriott property. In the past few years I have stayed at a couple of Fairfield Inn hotls that have changed my mind. The Fairfield Inn in Long Island City is a beautiful and comfortable hotel. And, while I have not stayed overnight, the Fairfield Inn in Cabo San Lucas is also a beautiful property. Way to go, Marriott. Continuous improvement!


I enjoyed reading your comments and have enjoyed staying at the Fairfield brand many times around the country over the years. As you seek to further establish this moderate priced brand in international markets, may I suggest you build some Fairfield Inns in Melbourne, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa? My family traveled to these two destinations last year and we were surprised to find the Marriott brand so limited in Australia and there are currently none in South Africa. We were reluctantly forced to stay at competing brands of other moderate priced hotels (Holiday Inn, Choice Hotels, Ramada, etc.). We would welcome seeing you increase the Fairfield brand overseas!

Since 1993, when I and my family had traveled around the United States of America, we discovered an Incredible hosting experience called:FAIRFIELD By MARRIOT, without GPS only with a Map and The Marriot Directory Hotels in our hands we did it. We always tried to cath a Marriot destinations because since first time we knew that were well and strategically located and the best part of history was the price relation vs value..Breakfast was unique and Rooms always clean and confortable.Nowdays we are still frequent costumers of Marriot Hotels worldwide destinations and brands."But Fairfield always will be aour favorite choice"

One of the things I remember about the early Fairfield Inns is that they pretty much all had three floors. The two lower floors faced outside the hotel so you could park your car next to the door kind of like a true roadside inn. The third floor though was indoor facing where you would take the elevator up, more like a Courtyard upper level feel. My wife worked at the reservation center in Omaha and they would explain how the upper floor was for business men and women while the outer ones were more for casual travelers. Regardless of the original intent I still get a kick out of seeing those early buildings as many have changed hands but all are easily identifiable as an original Fairfield Inn. Thanks and congratulation for 25 years!