The Natural Gas Revolution Begins in Newark

May 20, 2013

Newark Airport Green Van
Ready for my first ride in the Courtyard's green van
Marriott has a companywide program called “Spirit to Preserve.”  It’s a global effort to protect the planet.  It’s up to each hotel to make it happen.  I was visiting the Courtyard Newark Liberty International Airport Hotel around Earth Day and was shown new “green” airport shuttle vans.  I’ve been in my share of shuttle vans, but these two run on natural gas.  I learned that it’s during refueling that 50% of a vehicle’s fumes escape, and that natural gas vehicles emit almost zero greenhouse gases when refueling.  On the road, natural gas vehicles emit a fraction of the greenhouse gases of regular gasoline engines and are cheaper to operate.   

Thomas Friedman recently wrote, “We are in the midst of a natural gas revolution that is a potential game changer… This is helping to lower our carbon emissions faster than expected and will make us more energy secure.” 

Our airport shuttles are on the front line of this “revolution.”  While the payback may be years away, upgrading our shuttle van fleet to natural gas will make a difference.  I learned some interesting statistics from the general manager.  The Courtyard vans are in constant use and travel about 180 miles a day.  That’s a lot of miles in a year.  If you multiply that by the thousands of vans operating at our hotels around the world, you begin to see how Marriott can lead the way by converting to natural gas. 

Our Courtyard Newark Liberty Airport Hotel has fired one of the lodging industry’s first shots in the “natural gas revolution.”  That’s the spirit! 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move. 

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I'm so glad to see that Marriott is taking the initiative to help. Makes me proud to be a part of this company! :)

I think this is a great idea. It really takes a leader for the other companies to follow. What other green plans do you have in the near future? Would it revolve around solar or wind energy?

Get on the bus Gus!

Bill -

I think it's great that Marriott is being a good steward of the earth. The problem with this boasting point is all of the day-to-day business that needs revision within the guest experience, which is what really counts most.

JWMarriot tells me that true luxury is having only what is vital. This is patently contradictory. The pitch seen in the Architectural Digest ad is confused and conflicted. This is not what I expect when entertaining trying a new luxury brand.

I'm a regular visitor to the Cambridge, MA and Boston Long Wharf restrooms. I think your common area restrooms need better materials.

I will close with a huge compliment. I've been in all manner of accommodations on this green earth. I am no stranger to the lounge and bar areas of the Boston Long Wharf location. Whenever passing between these and the entrance, the staff is the friendliest, warmest and most welcoming (not just to me!) anywhere I have seen.

You would be wise to give them a commendation.

Let's get the JWMarriot message tailored. Better common area restrooms. And yes--keep up the good work on the environmental front.

Thank you,


Mr. Marriott

Your campaign "Spirit to Preserve" is the kind of leadership and effort that all big companies should be making. What other green programs does Marriott currently have or have planned for the future?

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I am writing to thank Marriott for helping out two sisters from my Community who lost everything in a fire in Grand Island Nebraska.
We all worried and prayed for them, and they told us that it was the Marriott that gave them a roof over their heads until they could find a new place. How wonderful and generous.

I come to Astoria New York each summer and stay at the Fairfield Inn there. I save all year for the 4 days that I stay there with family. We love it and always return there as I have a nephew in Astoria.

You have a quality reputation, and I salute and support you for that as well as your recent charity for our two sisters. It was a relief that they weren't out on the street.
Sister Kathy McIntyre
Fairlawn OH 44333