It’s Joe’s Abilities That Count

June 3, 2013

Joe's 5th Anniversary
Joe with the 5-year certificate he earned last year
Let me tell you about Joe DiPietro.

This amazing young man has worked at the Residence Inn Philadelphia Valley Forge in Pennsylvania for six years as a member of the maintenance team.  He is the kind of associate every business owner wishes they had.  He works hard, he takes tremendous pride in his job, and he’s a big believer in customer satisfaction. He regularly reads the comments from guest feedback cards and likes to discuss the ways he and his team can improve. It takes him an hour-and-a-half on public transportation to get to work every day, but he’s there every day – on time and ready to go.  He’s never taken a day off for sickness. 

Joe came to Marriott during high school when he was a student at the Vanguard School for young people with learning challenges.  Through Vanguard’s job training program, he was assigned to the Residence Inn Valley Forge for on-the-job training.  He did such a great job and became such a valued and well-liked member of the team that when he graduated they asked him to come back and to continue working for the hotel as a member of our maintenance team.

Six years later, Joe has a solid career, a social network and a sense of purpose.  His work ethic and “spirit to serve” are so great, he now coaches other kids from the Vanguard work-study program.  It’s Joe’s abilities that count! And, his success reminds me of Bridges from school to work, a program my brother, Richard, started 23 years ago that helps nearly 1,000 disadvantaged people a year find their first real job. 

The hotel’s general manager, Bernice Coffey, says this about Joe:

Joe and teammates
Joe and his 'fellow soldiers' make a great team
“He often conducts our Daily Huddle and gives us words of wisdom.  Joe’s trademark is his salute, and then he tells us, ‘Be well, my fellow soldiers.’  I am not sure if he knows how deeply he has touched our lives. Joe is such a wonderful associate, and all of us truly enjoy having him on the team.”

I’m sure a lot of hotels would love to have Joe on their team, too.  But they’re too late!  We’ve got him, and we’re going to keep him!

Joe, you’re a terrific member of the Marriott team.  I’m very proud of you, and grateful for all the great things you do for your hotel, your guests, and your “fellow soldiers.”  I salute you!!

I’m Bill Marriott and thank you for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Great story. Very personalized and gives the Marriott a "human face."

Fantastic story. I will be sharing this with my team during our Huddle because employee's like Joe should be celebrated!

Joe! I am so happy that they shared your story! You are so super & keep on inspiring us all!
We salute you, sir!


I hope Joe read all these deserving comments, its great to work with positive associates you inspires us all, I salue you!! And thanks Mr Marriott for not only seeing the strengths in your associates but recognizing them in your blogs.

Way to Go Joe and so nice to see all the recognition, you deserve it!

Cheers to you!

Amazing story!! All of us should be inspired to follow his steps!

Awesome story!!! Joe, I salute you!

Way to go Joe! It's nice to see someone that is an inspiration to others in the company. Keep on being positive out there in Philadelphia and Congratulations on being with Marriott for 6 years!

Best wishes,
Mishalle R.
Courtyard West Dundee, IL

Congratulation Joe and keep it up

Thanks for another wonderful story. Of your blogs, these are my very favorite!

Thank you for sharing Joes story. What a wonderful story

Thank you for sharing the story about Joe. It is very inspiring. I just found out about "Brigdes from School to Work." I will share that with my family. Congratulations, Joe. You are awesome.

Mr. Marriott,

It is these kind of stories that make your MI associates and franchisees like myself proud to be a member of the Marriott family. I think that your focus on the people that work for Marriott and the Spirit to Serve is foundation for what makes Marriott so special. This business at its best isn't about bricks and mortar. It's really about heart and soul. Nobody demonstrates those values every day better than you.
Mike Dickens

I wish I can work for you too..
Looks like Marriot is a good place to have a career..
Have a wonderful year 2013!!

I am a big Marriott fan. I have bought and sold Marriott stock more than once. My wife and I sold our Marriott stock to help with the down payment on our home here in Annandale. Hopefully, one day we will own Marriott stock again.
Years ago,at Christmas time, my wife and I chartered a bus we got as many members of our families together and saw Christmas lights. One of the worthwhile stops was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints "the Saints" temple in Kensington, Maryland.
A lot of wonderful things have happened since your Mom and Dad opened their A & W Rootbeer stand I think on 14th. Street near Thomas Circle.
What would this world be like without the Marriott Corp. I don't want to know.
Thanks Marriotts!!

Joe you are an inspiration to us all!! Thank you for sharing this heart warming story.