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May 12, 2014


Marriott Small Business
Our Small Business in 1927

This week is National Small Business Week and it got me thinking about our company’s start as a small business. Eighty-seven years ago this month, my father and mother opened the first A&W franchise in Washington, D.C.  They started out with six employees and a nine-stool counter.

Today we are much bigger, but we still understand the tenacity, passion and dedication of every small business person who works seven days a week to make their dream a success.

Dreams don’t always come true from inside a traditional office. Many of today’s small businesses don’t even have an office. They go wherever they can make business happen, packing as much into their day as possible. That’s where our company comes in.

Every “hot spot” is a chance to connect, every restaurant an opportunity to network, every conference room a place to make a deal. Small business owners like working “alone together” in our hotel lobbies.

Take a look at this video and see first-hand how small business is happening in our hotels. It’s exciting to see Marriott as a key player in their success. 


Building a company to last isn't easy.  When my dad first started his small business, he had passion, vision and determination and was not afraid of hard work.  Now, Marriott wants to share some of our success and help small businesses grow and endure forever.  

Do you have any tips on how to grow a business?  Leave a comment.  

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Thanks Bill for the video, very interesting and congratulations on your success. I personally believe that to successfully grow a small business, requires taking the right risks, at the right time, for the right reasons. makes you realise that we all started somewhere, nice article!

Every step we take beginning bring in with it experiences, some good while some struggling.However, each of these experiences create memories that are never to be forgotten.This is one such memory shared here in the post and is very beautiful.3 cheers for your success .

A small shop, a humble beginning but such an inspirational story - I have stayed many days & nights in JW Marriott but never realised the passion and success behind the name.

I believe a business, whether small or big can only succeed when it delivers the promise to serve someone's needs/wants better, faster or cheaper than others. We are frequently driven by shareholder value but this at times undermines the fundamental purpose of an enterprise - by crafting a unique, sustainable "reason of being", and thereby defining the edge to satisfy someone's needs or wants, one can deliver consistent, repeated successes and ultimately grow shareholder wealth.

So, in order to trigger growth, it is always important to reaffirm from time to time if a unique purpose of existence is clearly articulated, understood and delivered - it can be as small as "always a smile at the door" to as broad as "always surprises me..." but everyone, small or big, needs one to remain relevant, respected and aspired by communities it intends to serve. This is what makes success never stops coming in!


I strongly believe in TEAM player!!! in addition to that one has to fully UNDERSTAND the business/service,SKILLS to what you do, and BELIEVE in yourself, the company and product or service to be provided

The company that I work for is a small division within a very large company. We depend upon the Courtyard Costa Mesa South Coast Metro hotel to take very good care of the many visitors to our plant. The General Manager of the hotel can usually be found using the Bistro as her office so she sees and is quite involved with guest activity. While this hotel is, of course, part of the huge company that Marriott is, the hotel feels like a very well run small business!

I am a small business owner my success is never take NO for an answer...may be NO for them' but not for me...keep going until it happened. Starve for serving...