When No One Is Looking

June 3, 2014
Courtyard Charlottesville North
At left, the excellent team at Courtyard Charlottesville North. At right, Karina Macias and Leticia Martinez in a newly renovated guestroom.

Do you ever think, “no one will notice” so I’ll leave it, litter, dirt, stain… you fill in the blank. It is so much easier to go through life or business leaving “minor” issues alone so you can take care of the big stuff.  While the bigger picture is important, I’m glad that our associates view “minor” issues as important also. There’s nothing worse than a small problem becoming a big one.

New York Times best-selling author Jason Wright recently stayed at the Courtyard Charlottesville North in Virginia. He wrote about his stay after witnessing a minor issue checking into his room. The hotel staff was diligently at work to fix it, even though the guest room was scheduled to be remodeled the very next day. Here’s what he wrote:

"When we arrived at our rooms, we were startled to find a housekeeper and a manager on their knees just inside the door of one of our two rooms scrubbing a small spot.

I asked, “Is everything OK?”

The manager apologized for the room not being quite ready, but explained they’d noticed a stain in the carpet and wanted to get it out for us…. She promised they’d be finished shortly and invited us to occupy the second adjoining room while we waited.

As we settled in next door, I asked my children if they recognized and appreciated the message. How much easier would it have been, I wondered aloud, for the employees to ignore the spot and call it good.

I imagined the conversation. “Oh yeah, you’re right. There’s a stain right there. Oh, well, whatever. They’re replacing the carpet soon anyway. Plus, the guests won’t even notice and they’re probably the last ones who’ll stay in this room before its remodeled.”

Isn’t that how many might have reacted? Judging from the carpet in many of the hotels I’ve stayed in, the answer is yes.

Instead, two dedicated Marriott employees were on their hands and knees working to clean a stain no one else might have noticed. And whether genuinely happy or not, they were doing it with a smile."

I believe this is the kind of attitude that sets our associates apart. They go above and beyond – even when no one’s looking.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.  

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See the full column at: http://jasonfwright.com/column/what-i-learned-about-cleaning-stains-from-a-marriott-courtyard.html

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Teamwork the best thing

Great Inspirational story Sir. Thanks for sharing.

Jerry Karoglu
Navigator @ Polat Renaissance Istanbul Hotel :)

Success is in details

Mr. Marriott- We both just started our summer internship at the Marriott Sales Office of the Northeast. We are honored to be gaining experience with such a well-respected company. We appreciate your efforts in acknowledging the importance of each associates attention to detail. This story contributes to how the values of Marriott are seen in various associates.

Superb. exemplary behavior”

Way to go team!!!!

Thank You Sir, for this "Marriott on the Move" commentary. A Loyal and Proud Marriott Lifetimer.

Mr. Marriott - This is an attribute that is prevalent all across your fine companies. I am proud to be a Marriott Platinum member and have the opportunity to witness your empoyees going out of there way...often when no one will see it.

I especially want to let you know how awesome your social team does as listening and responding to comments and questions on Twitter. I feel like I've gotten to know the team virtually as they are the consumate "behind the scenes" staff members that help your brand shine.

Keep up the great work. I'll see ya at my next check in!

What a tremendous honor, thanks Mr. Marriott! Thrilled you enjoyed the piece.