Unpacking in a Hurry

August 18, 2014


During a recent weekend trip with my wife, I noticed something I had not in 59 years of marriage: how she unpacks in a hotel room. The way someone packs, or unpacks, is not usually eye-catching; but I noticed we do different things when we enter the room.

My wife likes to stay organized and make the room feel like home after we check in to a hotel. This is especially important when we travel for a long stay. My wife walks around the room, examines the closet space, and asks me to hang up her hanging bag. She quickly unpacks the clothes to keep them as wrinkle-free as possible, and hangs them in the closet. I’m used to traveling a lot and I often leave my clothes in my suitcase. I usually search for the remote control, but I find that travel habits have changed.

This spring, our extended-stay TownePlace Suites brand took closets to a whole new level and launched a partnership with The Container Store®. All the new and renovated hotels going forward will feature the popular customizable elfa closet®. In celebration, we held a contest in New York to see how fast people could unpack their suitcases. Not only was it great fun, it was extremely entertaining to watch. The closets have multiple closet rods, large drawers and even shelves for shoes. It's perfect for guests who stay in hotels for a week or longer. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have it. This was a brilliant pairing that I am sure will delight our TownePlace guests all over the country.

Now my wife has closet envy for the closets at TownePlace Suites. I’ll probably have to get some for the house. How long does it take you to unpack when you get to your hotel room?

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.  

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OMG what a fantastic idea Mr.Marriott. Kudos to you for constantly thinking ahead! I am a loyal fan of Marriott hotels.

Thank you for sharing Mr.Marriott
I'm very organized with my clothes too so I felt identified with Mrs.Marriott. I also join those envious of Elfa Closet and will definetly look for local companies in Panama to organize my closet at home. :)

Thank you Mr and Mrs. sharing your story with us.. just like any other person that's great... have fun with your life and your family that very important for anyone... bless you..

when i try travel less because lke go shopping bing items back for family and friends... but sightseeing.. so live out of my suitcase anyway.. but if go on long vacation most time i will unpack.

I would love to see something like that in more hotels. How about a shelf and some hooks for your coat, purse hat . . . right when you walk in the door of every Marriott brand. And, some hooks in the bathroom for you to hang the pants you wore today and will wear again tomorrow.

Way to go Towneplace Suites for creating great synergy with The Container Store brand and the wonderful ELFA closet storage systems! I will look forward to my next stay at a TPS that offers it to celebrate and see how fast I can unpack, stay wrinkle free and organized!

I don't get to travel often, but when I do, it's usually for multiple nights. Closet space and tidiness effects me more than I would like to admit. Thanks for sharing this! I hope more Marriott properties will advance with their closets like this, especially the extended stays!

Mr. Marriott,

Don't you love that after 59 years of marriage, you are still learning something new about your wife? That's wonderful! Length of stay determines whether I leave my clothes in my suitcase or unpack. Always hang the dress clothes immediately. Most importantly, I unpack and organize my toiletries. For whatever reason, that makes me feel organized. Love your blog!

I am actually one of the out of the bag travelers. When I get to a hotel the last thing I want to do is unpack. I am 22, and when I travel, I would rather spend time at the pool or at a local diner, or museum. So I never find the time to unpack.

My wife laughs at me. Whenever I stay at a hotel - Marriott, of course - I always unpack. I put hanging things in the closet and other things in a drawer. I like to be organized, so I understand your wife!

I'm all for great closets in hotel rooms. I always unpack when I come into a hotel - even if it's only for a night. Having my things in order makes me feel sane in an otherwise foreign environment.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Marriott. I love hotel rooms, and I almost never really unpack, but use out of the suitcase as needed.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Marriott. I love hotel rooms, and I almost never really unpack, but use out of the suitcase as needed.