You Ate, We Gave

August 11, 2014

JW Cannes

In May of this year, Marriott International hotels made major donations to The Prince’s Trust (UK hotels) and SOS Children’s Villages (Continental European hotels). These charitable partners are part of our “World of Opportunity Europe” initiative which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential by providing employment skills and vocational opportunities. We also challenged our young chef apprentices to come up with their own strawberry dessert recipe, with the winning dessert featured on our restaurant menus during the promotion.

The “You Eat, We Give” promotion raised €230,000! When you add that number to the other funds raised since the program started, more than €1 million cash and in-kind donations were made to The Prince’s Trust and SOS Children’s Villages. 


We’ve been able to make a positive impact in our European communities not only through our donations but also by offering training and development opportunities to 550 disadvantaged youth in our hotels, with 62 finding employment after finishing the training – 34 of these were employed at a Marriott hotel.

Take a look at the video below highlighting the campaign, the World of Opportunity initiative, as well as a little friendly competition among our chef apprentices and our Europe Leadership team, who were challenged to create the winning strawberry dessert from the apprentice competition.

Operating a hotel is about more than satisfying guests and generating revenue. These are good things, but I’m not content to have our hotels stop there. I want the communities where we do business to be better because we’re there.

I couldn’t be prouder of our efforts with “World of Opportunity Europe.” Giving back to our world—particularly young people—just makes real good business sense.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.


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It's a great feeling to know that I work for someone that uses the gifts he has come by through hard work and dedication and applies them to helping those in need. I am only a front desk persone but knowing im working for someone who cares helps me wake up in the morning and do a help a little myself

This is a great read. Really inspirational!