Teaching "Hospitality 101" in China

September 2, 2014

CHEI Teaching Conference

My father was given many opportunities because a college professor saw his potential. This professor helped my father get an education and gain the knowledge and skills he needed to start a company. That’s what great teachers do—they help students build the foundation for a rewarding future career.

Last year, my family’s foundation partnered with San Diego State University to create a new program called the Marriott China Hospitality Education Initiative or (CHEI). What’s unique about CHEI is that it has a “teachers first” approach, focused on connecting teachers with industry leaders and giving them hands-on operational experiences. They can then take these lessons back to the classroom and share them with thousands of young Chinese students pursuing careers in hospitality. 

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Last month, my daughter, Debbie, and her husband Ron, joined 80 hospitality educators from across China at our Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel for our first CHEI Teaching Conference. This conference featured trends in China and career paths in our industry.  It also was a chance to network with hospitality industry leaders—including some of our own executives.  New hospitality course materials were introduced for use this fall.  The hotel itself became a classroom of sorts as teachers toured the back-of-the-house.

Over the past year, CHEI has inspired many Marriott hotels across China to open their doors to teachers, hosting them during two and four-week internships. The passion and commitment of the teachers is evident as they are even giving up their summer and winter breaks to attend our sessions.

Our associates have also enjoyed giving back to their communities through the CHEI program by being guest speakers on campus and leading students on field trips at their hotels.

With all the new hotels in Asia, I am so pleased with the progress CHEI has made to help prepare young people in China for rewarding careers.  And I’m proud that we are putting “teachers first.”  It’s all very exciting! You can learn more by visiting CHEI.org.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.  

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What an inspiring idea! I believe this could be just as beneficial in South Africa (and Africa) where the quality of hospitality eduction requires some upliftment from the industry. While we support all our hotel schools in SA by taking on students for practical internships, there is still a massive gap in relation to the carriculumn and the "real world". If we want to grow our industry we need to grow those who TEACH the next generation too!

Hello Mr.Marriott
My grade 11 media class and I spent our time today looking at the way your company uses the internet to connect with the public- everything from your blog to your facebook game. We were very impressed and wondered if you could answer a question for us: We would like to know if it was the younger members of your family who led the charge with the integration of technolgy in your company and if so how did they go about it?
thank you !
Grade 11 media class Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes SEcondary Scool

Thank you for taking an interest in China. I am interested to know if there are any opportunities for Community Colleges to participate in your program. Scottsdale Community College has an excellent Hospitality and Tourism Management Program and is always looking for new opportunities for students and faculty. I have a particular interest in China, as my daughter is Chinese.

xie xie, "Thank you" Janelle Hoffman, Professor SCC/HRM

I have extensive experience staying at the full service Marriott hotels in China. I used to go to China every year and stay at multiple hotels. Compared to my US full service Marriott Hotels Chinese hospitality was much superior. The Marriott’s in China can teach us courses in hospitality. I found that the Marriott’s in China took the time to find what I like to eat and kind of accommodations I prefer and met my specific needs as well as they could. I have met a number of General Managers both Chinese and foreign and found the service to be superb. The excellent service has been consistent in all major cities across all full service brands. Syed T. A. Naqvi Lifetime Platinum