Taking Care of Guests, From A to Z

September 20, 2014

Our core value at Marriott is to take good care of our associates, and they will take good care of our guests.

Recently I had the privilege of presenting the 50-year of service pin and certificate to Miss Frances Holland.  Ms. Frances, as everyone calls her, joined our company when she was hired at our first hotel – the Marriott Twin Bridges in 1964 as a housekeeper.


In 1972 she transferred from housekeeping to telephone operator after participating in the career progression program.  While at Twin Bridges she was promoted to chief operator and then supervisor.  She stayed there until the doors of the Twin Bridges Marriott closed. She then transferred to the JW Marriott flagship in telephone operations where she has spent the last 27 years taking care of guests and associates alike.

Ms. Frances was known for having a brown cart in which she kept everything from A to Z.  With her little brown cart in hand she shined shoes, tied ties, sewed buttons, made chicken soup and many other things. Today, she no longer has her cart, but has upgraded to a tote bag filled with anything she thinks is necessary to take care of her guests.

She says that it is her guests and fellow associates that keep her going. “Marriott is her home, Marriott is her family.”

It was a real honor to present this award to Ms. Frances, who is a great example of guest service for 50 years.  She has no plans to retire, as she loves caring for our guests.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Congratulations Ms. Frances on a job well done!!!

What a beautiful account of tenacity, loyalty and pure grit! Ms. Frances is clearly a lovely woman, worthy of great respect amd emulation!

Miss. Francis Holland you are wonderful example of honoring our guest and associates. Congratulations!

Congratulations MS. Frances!, i had the honor of working with you at the JW. whish you all the best in life. God bless you.

Congratulations on 50 years with Marriott! Thank you for all you do each day and I wish you all the best with many more blessings for the future. What a wonderful accomplishment and honor. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Wow...Congratulations to both Marriott and Ms Frances.

Very inspiring story. Congratulations to Ms. Frances.

Wonderful to hear of Ms Frances and her fine efforts at the Marriott. Thanks for sharing her story.

It's a real pleasure to read the route of Ms Frances.Her implication ins an example for each of us. Congratulations

A big congratulations to Ms Francis for 50 years. Thanks for sharing her accomplishment.

I really love the way marriott take care of their employee , have so many friend working for this group always speak highly about company and company's policies
Excellent .

Congratulations!!! Ms. Frances. It is the loyality and care of employees like Ms. Frances that keeps me staying at Marriott over the years. I have stayed at each of the Marriotts mentioned in the article. JOB WELL DONE Ms.Frances and to the Marriott team for honoring her. Blessings