Staking Our Reputation on Customer Service

November 9, 2014

 When my father started his business in 1927, he had one original goal: “good food and good service at a fair price.” He staked his reputation on superior customer service. Not much has changed today. Our dedication to the customer is apparent in everything we do… right down to the last detail.


Marriott associates are taking care of guests every day, in every destination worldwide. Allison Williams and Michelle Tu, associates at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, are two examples of associates who make lasting impressions on guests at their hotel. One recent guest, author and leadership consultant Brian Whetten, blogged about his family’s stay at the LAX Marriott hotel and recognized these two associates for modeling what exceptional customer service looks like.

Brian writes:

“Excellent customer service requires creating a company that cares. We had a positive example of this over the weekend, at a Marriott hotel. Even though my wife just gave birth to our second daughter, I was crazy enough to agree to speak at a conference there. Rather than leave Nicole at home with the girls, we brought the family along, and the hotel staff astonished us with their service.

The first surprise came when we checked in, and we were told that as a way of making things easier for my wife, we'd been upgraded to an executive suite. The second surprise came while I was at the conference, and Nicole took the girls to the restaurant. Our baby suddenly started crying, wanting to be fed. A manager named Allison saw what was happening, came over, and offered to bring Nicole to a private room next door. Along with another manager named Michelle, she helped entertain our three year old while Nicole was breast feeding, and then asked if there was anything else they could do. As if that wasn't enough, we received a third gift that night, when room service brought up a gorgeous table filled with an orchid, a bucket of bottled waters, a stuffed doll, a molten chocolate cake, and a card from Allison wishing us a pleasant stay.

What touched us wasn't the price of the gifts, but the care behind them. And in return, we will absolutely be giving them our business in the future.”

I’m proud of our associates. I’m proud that they care enough about our guests to take care of every last detail – even the unexpected ones.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move. 

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Dear Mr. Marriot,I would like to say Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.I don't know if you remember me and my story about my critically ill daughter Stacey.I was reading your blogs one day last year and crying me eyes out because I didn't know how we would be able to continue to take her from Pa. to RI once a month for her medical treatments.We were staying at the Residence Inn Providence Coventry,which felt like home to us.But we were trying to figure out how we could continue to pay for hotel,plus her treatments because they are not covered by insurance,plus gas as our precious daughter cannot fly due to her medical issues and food as well.Whe a Miracle happened.I was reading your story on your beloved son Stephen and I came to more tears. I thought how you and your wife traveled as well to make Stephen had all the proper medical care he so deserved.And I wrote to you regarding Stacey and our Fight as parents to do whatever we could for her and give her a quality of life for as long as we could. The very next day Alex who at the time was the Manager at Residence Inn called and told me he was contacted and said we were given a wonderful rate for the room. I must tell you I was brought to tears from your generosity.The staff at this hotel are amamzing and are our family away from home. Stacey feels safe and comfortable and respected and loved by everyone here.Which means the world to us.I thank-you once again,for even though we struggle financially to get the cost of her treatments together every month,we are truly blessed by your kindness. For it is people like you Mr Marriot who give parents like us HOPE! And in return Stacey has HOPE! God Bless you and your beautiful family and may you all have a very blessed Chritmas.Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless,Barb

Mr. Marriott,

It is stories like these that make my passion for the hospitality industry grow every day. I am in School of hotel and restaurant management right now, and I soon one day hope to work for a Marriott. Stories like these is just one of the many reasons why I want to do so. Thanks for sharing!!


Nice post, very interesting read will be sharing with the office.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

Over the past six years my family has stayed in varying brands of your hotels dozens of times. My daughter Danica needed a second brain surgery and spinal fusion at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, four hours from our Northeast Ohio home. The Spinghill Suites on Eden Park Dr. and The Kingsgate Marriott near the University became like our home away from home during some of the most difficult days of our lives. Every trip our friends and family would raise money to pay for our stays. Through my daughter's diagnosis with the genetic disorder causing her disability we came to understand decades of my own pain and suffering were from the same conditions. I began to travel frequently to the Washington DC area, specifically Greenbelt, MD, for more appointments than I can count with very specialized doctors. On almost all these trips I would stay at the Greenbelt Marriott on Ivy Lane. I most recently checked in there October 19th for a week. Once again money raised from friends and family to pay for my stay. I was facing my 6th neurosurgery at Doctor Community Hospital. I can't tell you how many times on these trips, some of which I've had to take alone so my husband could stay here with our girls, your staff cared for me with world-class service but also heart. When I returned to the hospital on Thursday, the 23rd there was a Hallmark card left in my room hand signed by all the staff. I wish I could post a photo here. It was so meaningful and reminded me I was in a safe place with real people who cared about my journey. This is the heart of Marriott!

What a beautiful story! When people say, "don't take it personally," in response to a hurtful encounter with someone, I always rankle a bit. How are we supposed to take the actions we receive from people-whether good or bad? Impersonally? We chose how we will interact with the world around us and those choices take on lives of their own. The Marriott associates noted here chose actions that made the world better place-and not just for this family. Look at how many of us are touched by the kindness and empathetic care shown! And that's just within Marriott's considerably large borders-but what of all the "outside" people this family told? We are all connected, wheter we realize it or not and what we do and say ripples around the world in myriads of ways. It is many things-and most certainly, personal.

I love Marriott Hotel.....Mr Bruce GM Marriott Hotel Manila I salute you !

great post on customer services very interesting point of view will share this with my team.