My Top 10 of 2014

December 27, 2014

  MarquisAs 2014 winds down, I’ve noticed a lot of “greatest hits” that are listed for this year.  Not to be out done, I’ve compiled my own for my dedicated blog readers.  Some on the list are personal and some are business-related.

10.  Employing and providing opportunities for an additional 35,000 people around the world.

9.    Surpassing 700,000 rooms.  Over a million people stay in our hotels on any given night.

8.    Visiting 175 hotels.  It’s so exciting to meet our great associates and to see what they are doing.

7.    Creating Moxy Hotels.  Our Millennial brand is born.

6.    Opening the first Edition Hotel in the U.S. in Florida.

5.    Acquiring a Model T Ford for our headquarter’s lobby, similar to the one my parents drove cross-country to begin the company.

4.    Launching the Marriott China Hospitality Education Initiative or (CHEI) to train Chinese teachers in the hospitality business, so they can train the hospitality associates of the future.

3.    Opening our 4,000th hotel the Marriott Marquis Washington DC, just blocks from where it all began when my father opened a 9-stool root beer stand in Washington, DC in 1927.

2.    Attending grandchildren and great-grandchildren events.  With 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, going to graduations, sports games, plays and church events, it’s a lot of fun and it’s busy.

1.    Holding hands and going to the movies on date night with my wife, Donna.  Nothing compares.

I hope 2014 has been a very good year for you and I wish you all the best in 2015.  Please leave a comment with your own highlights.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Yes, 2014 was a good year...and I too hold hands and am thankful for Victoria, my sweet heart and wife of 21 years...she's been married to Marriott for 22 years. Now I myself, am thankful for the opportunity Marriott has given me here at Surf Watch on Hilton Head Island. I wouldn't want to 'play' anywhere else.

I love the way you see life. The fact that you love your family so much. I have learned that life is so short that you have to Embrace the important things in life and the rest will fall into place. Thank you for always inspiring me with your thoughts.

I took out time to read your blog today and I am really fascinated by what I have read so far..In this post, I am really encouraged with your no 10 because it gives me the impression that you love to give people a career and not just that you employ people because it is the obvious thing to do.
I will like to work with Marriott someday..

Thank you Mr.Marriott for your posts

Toyin Adedeji

I must agree! The number 1 highlight for me in 2014 is the time I got to spend with my wife on my birthday. Thank you Mr. Marriott for the time you put into your blog.

I ABSOLUTELY L0VE that your number 1 is holding hands and going to the movies on date night with your wife!! Family is the most important thing always!

Is in my modest opinion that this thought is why Marriott started has a small 9-stool root beer stand and become an amazing international hospitality company Marriott International Inc.

Thank you for always looking out for our family. Dad would be most proud!

It is nice to see that all these achievements you had in the last year.The pictures you included in the blog is also useful. Wishing a great future.....


Wonderful website. Plenty of useful information here. thanks on your sweat!

Great post! Thank you for sharing.

I love reading your blog. I always have a warm fuzzy feeling after reading it. Marriott has always been my hotel of choice. Your J.W. Marriott's are my favorite. I'm just disappointed that I can't find them as often as I would like. I wish they were in the smaller cities that I visit from time to time. My favorite hotel does not change no matter what city I visit. Keep the blogs going so I can keep reading them. Thanks a bunch, Mrs. Robinson

Love how your 1. top hit was 'Holding hands and going to the movies on date night' with your wife! Great post! Thanks for sharing it!

These are all fantastic 'greatest hits', thanks for sharing!

These are some amazing highlights! Looks like you had a great year!

This list exemplifies why I and my family continue to be loyal customers of Marriott (consistently Gold or Platinum reward members since 2004!)....with all the fantastic successes and accomplishments listed the ones that involve family commitment are at the top....Marriott truly is an organization that cares about people and shows in your fantastic service from the front desk (Christian at Marriott Downtown Columbia), to concierge (Gail at Washington Marriott in DC), and even to maintenance (Bartell at Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile). Marriott you've got my vote for best hotel of a lifetime...thanks Mr. Marriott for setting the example and establishing an absolutely great tone at the top!

My son, David, and his wife, Haley, delivered into the world our first grandchild, Benjamin Russell Ball, on Nov. 6, 2014. My wife, Kris, and I kept him overnight New Years Eve. We learned we are not as young as we once were as it took 13 hours of sleep the next night to catch up.

Really amazing "greatest hits" listed her, so many great achievements!

I wish you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year Mr. Marriott.
I'm proud to work for Marriott.

Hi, I have been around for a few years now,a few more than I care to remember,and have had many jobs from various fields of employment,I have been with Marriott hotels coming up for almost two years,and I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you for employing me and for the great welcome I have received within my Hotel,and I would like to inform you that this is one of the best jobs I have ever had,I feel secure and with the training oppertunities available I feel my future is garanteed,I will stay with your company till I retire thanks once again and have a great new year as will have too. cheers Regards Ron Green

Dear Mr Marriott,

it's great to see that how much we are dedicated to our business life, Top 1 and 2 remains the family.
I think too many people forget this.

Thank you for your constant guidance.
Warm Regards

Romain Proust de La Gironière
Front Office Manager at The Riviera Marriott Hotel.

Thank you for a wonderful year and your inspiring blog.

Mr. Marriott,

You are an inspiration to me and my family! My wife Lisa and I enjoy our date nights at the movies and to your point there is nothing that compares to this moment in time. Lisa and I have a combined 53 years as Marriott employees and we are proud to say we "We Love the Marriott Family". Happy New Year to you and your family!

It's a great honor to be part of Marriott and proud of the achievements of 2014. Watch out 2015, it's bigger and better for Marriott! Thank you!

I love that your number one is date night with your wife. Your putting associates and their families first is a part of why I love working for Marriott. Happy New Year to you and your family!

That's some list, Mr. Marriott...looks like it's been a great 2014!

Dear Mr. Marriott,

Since day 1 when I started working for this great company I loved your philosophy and through the years I have enjoyed your family stories as well as your business encouragement to all.
Your leadership has led me to many interesting essays in my years of college.
Years come and go, but what does not smear or go away is our Spirit to Serve and you have been a great mentor with your stories and example.
May the New Year continue bringing you warmth, health, great accomplishments and peace!

Dear Mr Marriott
One of my top 10 this year includes celebrating 23 years with the Company!
Thank you for all you've done for all of us!