My Guilty Pleasure

January 24, 2015

I’ve blogged about my favorite books before. Having read almost everything there is about the Great War, I’ve turned to another genre and I’m addicted.  I’ll let you in on my literary secret: It’s Lee Child’s Jack Reacher action/thriller novels.  Everyone needs a guilty pleasure and this fun read is mine.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.14.20 PM You may have seen the movie starring Tom Cruise, but let me tell you about the real Jack Reacher. He’s a former Major in the U.S. Army Military police, and a loner who always finds trouble (or trouble finds him).  Reacher is an adventurer, who explores the world with just the clothes on his back. He  always has a toothbrush in his pocket, because he never knows where he’ll end up. He’s the original survivor – a tough guy with smarts who selflessly solves issues for others. He takes down the bad guys and does the best to save the good ones.

The books are page-turners and you are drawn into this series by the fact that Jack’s past is a mystery.  He may have killed a man, or even two or three.  Who knows?  And who cares as long as Jack keeps the world a safer place - often by any means necessary. Oh, he usually gets the girl, too. 

Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels set the standard for spy action-adventures.  Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is today’s thriller.  I hear that a movie sequel is in the works, but read the book first.  You’ll become addicted, too. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.   

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Thank you for sharing this. I am intrigued to start reading the Jack Reacher books now. I often find myself engulfed in a good series. If you haven't read them, BLACK, RED & WHITE by Ted Dekker would be a good next choice!

Love that you are a fan too! Lee Childs and James Rollins are two of my favorites...You just can't stop reading once you start.

dear Mr. Marriott- You made my day!!!!
I was so thrilled to see that you are a Jack Reacher fan too

I am also a fan of the Jack Reacher books. Enjoy them they are all very good.

I love the movie which I have watched at least five times. My husband likes murder mystery/thriller kind of books. He's a big fan of Michael Connelly.
I wish you good health sir, and a great day.
Marian Bindley

Hello, Mr. Marriott:
My husband and I are also addicted to Jack Reacher's novels. I find them very entertaining and can't wait for the next one to come out. We have all but one of his novels. While waiting, we are reading them over just as you would watch a movie for the second time. :)

Mr. Marriott- You made my day!!!!
I was so thrilled to see that you are a Jack Reacher fan too. Yes, he is the true survivor and it is Lee Child and the adventure of Jack Reacher that I really look forward to at the end of a long day- all his books are page turners.
I love the fact that I not only share my love and passion for Marriott with you but share my addiction to Jack Reacher with you too!!In fact I collect them in paper back and am waiting for the next one already .

I will now explore these books, as I am now curios with your blog and the comments! One of my guilty pleasures now is...can you guess?
Yeap....Your Blogs!!!!
Thanks Mr. Marriott and Keepem coming!!!

I listen to the Reacher series on audio books, with the Reacher character voiced by Dick Hill. Hill does a marvelous job of embodying Reacher and I almost feel like I've met Reacher through Hill's voice. Great entertainment for a long commute!!

I couldn't agree more, Mr. Marriott! Jack Reacher is awesome, and I am filled with anticipation each time I hear Lee Child has another one coming. Thank you for sharing your guilty pleasure - now I don't feel so guilty about mine!

They are fantastic books I agree.
I particularly like the fact that he takes enormous pride that his nose "has never been broken"!
I wonder if Tom Cruise will do the sequel, or if they will go with a taller gentleman? In the book he is portrayed as a giant of a man.

Dear Bill,
I Thank you for being successful in life because of you i am successful in my life as well i currently work and study under James Dean Max and in due time will master the craft of a farm-to-table-cuisine i thank you Bill all is well take care
-Raoul(Resteraunt Lead, Trumbull ct)

Reacher is without a doubt one of the best characters in modern literature. I've read all 17 books and can't wait for Lee Child to write his next story. If you love Lee Child like I do you'll also like Vince Flynn. Flynn has a Reacher type of character, Mitch Rapp. Retired CIA operative that goes after terrorists with a vengeance. A great page turner. Unfortunately Flynn passed away a few years ago so the novels are limited to the 16 or so he wrote before his untimely death. Thanks for sharing Bill and remember "when in doubt, turn left"

Thanks, Mr Marriott. Will try Jack Reacher when I finish with the Daniel Silva book, The Confessor, that I am reading now. Sounds like a book that I will enjoy!

Dear Bill,
It is so great to see someone of your stature give kudos to the Jack Reacher books. I have read them all and I have to say "Tom Cruise is not the face or body I imagine as Jack Reacher." Lee Childs is one of my favorite "thriller" authors. If I were allowed to cast the actor for the next "Jack Reacher" movie, I think the perfect person is Sean Bean, who most recently starred "Legends" a TV series last year. I may be 72, but his character in "Legends" is the epitome of Jack Reacher. If you know Lee Childs, please tell him I said so. I take care of my husband full time, so my favorite respite is reading and serving on two Marriott Timeshare Boards of Directors.

Glad to hear our reading tastes are similar. I spend a lot of my life in planes and your hotels. If you haven't tried W.E.B. Griffins books, I think you will enjoy them. Like Child's, I have read them all and have them in my library.

Keep up the good work.


i, too, am a non-fiction Civil War, WWI, WWII reader. My guilty pleasure is anything by Larry McMurtry.