What’s the Big Idea?

January 4, 2016
Yao Foundation - MotM blog
Marriott International partners with the Yao Foundation to support educational programs for children in rural areas of China.

The start of the New Year gives us all a chance to start fresh, to make a new habit, or to change an old way. Whether they are personal resolutions or business resolutions, I believe it’s important to always be striving for better… to always be looking for ways we can improve. To quote Winston Churchill and my father, “Success is never final.”

For 2016, I would like to see more personal and business resolutions be focused on improving the world around us. This is something I saw my parents do. When they started this company, they weren’t just interested in making money. They had a genuine spirit to serve the community around them.

More recently, companies like ours are starting to take risks in emerging markets… making a real impact on lives. We have found if we provide education, skills training and opportunities for economic success, that ultimately leads to stable communities.

Businesses can be part of the solution in supporting the growth of middle classes around the world. Our agenda for 2016 should be looking for ways to provide opportunities where there are few.

Imagine if all companies had that big idea for the New Year? What a change we could all make.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Dear Mr Marriott,
I was a young woman, who by accident really, worked in 1992-1993 at the Marriott in Warsaw- Stan Bruns was General Manager. You were first western hotel there. Working at Marriott was literally life changing- I decided to study Tourism and Leisure and did Master of Science in Hotel Management. And it was only to spark form you. Work ethic, respect and training provided for us- stuff was really amazing. We had uniforms, which were better than most of people could afford. We had meals on duty snd trainings. I have still memory of TQM II training. You did something amazing. You trained and treated us very well. Now Poland is free dynamic country and Marriott still a symbol of elegance and place to be in Warsaw. Keep changing world for better- you are good at it. And I might have luck and, after years dedicated to my children, go back to work for Marriott in London. Thank you.

Thanks, Bill;
For being such a great leader, & helping to inspire all of us.

I'm a brand new Front Desk Associate at the Residence Inn in Roseville MN, part of CSM Lodging. I am so proud & thrilled to a part of such a great team!!

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!!

my name is ilham, and i m so proud to be a part of this big family (Marriott Hotels), i been in USA in 2010 for the NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT CLASSES, we were in DC and we visit JW Marriott in George Town i like the hotel,the staff every thing so i start reading about Marriott story, in this moment i said i will work on Marriott and i will be part of this family.

for me working here is also social and benevolent work,smiling assisting and giving services to the guest, this guest can be from every where,and can be any one.

i m morrocan and was no Marriott in my Country so i had the opportunities to came to Qatar and work in Marriott.

but i hope if we can do more social work here as staff, exist and some activities exchange our experience a round the world, be proud of each other as a Marriott Family .

The New year brings us new opportunities to grow more and to help others to grow more by fair means. And that is more important. Let us grow and let others grow. Happy new year.

You can't achieve a great success without taking risks. Take a careful consideration before starting a new venture or stepping into a new territory but be ready for the consequences of failure as well. It will either make you lead or you will learn a valuable lesson with the failure & both are important.

this is a great thought and way to help and for good causes, always i find interesting ideas and stories on this blog, thank you for sharing interesting articles

Hello, Mr. Marriott,

I, first, want to congratulate you on doing a fantastic job on continuing the legacy of Marriott International, it is an honor to work for a great and successful company.

I also find it great that you have added public service to the many goals that Marriott International is striving to reach. Public service is just one part of the success Marriott will alwways reach for.

Three cheers for a great year ahead!

I worked for the Japanese version of the Peace Corps (Called "JICA"), as an English Language teacher and facilitation instructor (I taught doctors, nurses, midwives, nutritionalists, and therapists how to conduct Western-style workshops). Reading this article, puts me in that frame of mind: If there are ways that Mariott is getting involved in education in develping countries, I'd like to help.

Thank you Bill, for inspiring people at Marriott and many other in our community to epathize, to give back, and to build a better world. Seeing these young faces brings my memory back to my childhood, where resources were scarce, education was not for everyone, but children were eager to learn everything about the world. Now that Marriott is creating a meaningful impact on my motherland, it makes me feel proud to be a part of this enterprise.

Mr. Marriott, you're blogs rock. They are always meaningful, upbeat, and sincere. Keep on rockin Bill.

Bill, if everyone tried to give back...even in a small way...it would, kndeed be a better world community. Unfortunately, the trust aspect isn't there - and if you can't trust, then....
However, if one person tried to take the first step - or reached out the first hand - others might see that small gesture and follow suit - fanning the flame of small candles could brighten the whole world!

I'm glad to see things have not changed. When we were in Warsaw
Poland (1991), the English classes offered by the hotel were a major incentive
for the associates to not only improve their communication skills,
but also advance in their careers.
Best Regards, Stan