Rules for Success Recap

August 15, 2016

Mr M Blogging in OfficeA few weeks ago I posted a list of my rules for being a successful leader. I created my list based on my father’s guideposts to management. This list has served me well throughout my career.

I think each of the rules for success is essential for all leaders, and it turns out you agree. I received great feedback from associates and customers alike who are finding this list useful in your careers. I am honored to share my advice. Keep your feedback coming!

“The one I needed to hear today: ‘view every problem as an opportunity to grow.’ I'm in the middle of a challenging opportunity at my job and haven't had a good perspective on it. Thank you for helping me see it as an opportunity rather than a misfortune.”

“I just started working for Marriott and have put this list on the back page of my notebook for reference! Number 11 is my personal favorite.”

“‘View every problem as an opportunity to grow.’ I always say you saved the best for last. I have lived by it since I joined Marriott.”

“Thank you for reiterating these philosophies. I try to live, breath, walk and talk by your legacy every single day.”

“As a Marriott associate for 34 years, this list is great for training and has helped make me who I am today. My favorite rules are #8 and #9.”

“Having lists are always a good thing. It helps to keep you focused. I like rules #2, #5 and #9, but my favorite is #9. Too many times there are people who are determined and willing to learn the job but because of lack of experience, they never get the chance to prove their work. Great list to go by!”

“I appreciate all rules on the list and it was hard to think of one favorite. I will have to choose #10: ‘Customer needs may vary, but their bias for quality never does.’ We have a lot of returning customers and it is because of the quality of service, pleasant greetings and engaging conversations. I am proud to work for this company.”

“I love this list so much that I printed it as well! I'm not sure that I can pick a favorite—the combination of these habits creates a great leadership fabric (and we have evidence of this!)”

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.



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Dear Mr. Marriott,

On Nov 5th I read your Blog "Rules for Success". At 60 years old I just retired after 25 years in a job I loved to start a new business and accept this challenge in an unrelated industry. Your "Rules for Success" have provided me extra inspiration into my day to day engagements. #5 Do it and do it now, is a great one with your "analysis by paralysis" quote. Now working as an agent for motivational / inspirational and leadership speakers, #6 Communicate by listening to your customers along with # 10 Customer needs may vary and finally #12 View every problem as an opportunity to grow. Actually Mr. Marriott I do enjoy them all and will be able to utilize the wisdom from each one. My wife and I are loyal customers to the Marriott and Ritz Carlton properties. The Naples Ritz on the beach is our favorite. Warmest regards, George

I know to serve is to give of yourself in ways that would make others join your efforts starting at home,work,communnity,family it begins to spread like a love disease through your system and infect the whole body and spread to your limbs outward for others leaving no room for selfishness to grow.

Mr Emmett Miller
unknown time moves us in a direct forward fashion for change now.

I'm so happy to be an employee at the Residence Inn, on S.Beach, Miami Beach. Everyday is a great learning experience. Seems your values and aspirations of how to run and conduct a hotel, has been driven by you. One can only ascend if one follows your guidelines of your book. Thank you, Sir.

My focus is not only the rules for success, but living by them consistently is what makes us successful. Thanks for sharing your experience so that we may benefit as Brilliant Host.

The main thing that I focus on is not the rules for success only but to live by them consistently is what makes us successful. Thanks

From now on, I will take this list as a philosophy of life.

Thank you very much!

I shared this great article with my managers and Marriott associate. They really appreciate it! As a Front Desk Agent, sometimes I have upset guests. I solve the problems, and make them smile... I view them as an opportunity to grow, and it works really well!

After 15 years away from Marriott, the first thing I read when I just joined back was your rules to success which put me back to the time you visited us in Bucharest, Romania and your advise was not far off from these rules. Now I know why I succeeded outside Marriott as much as I did inside it. I Love Marriott and its color runs in my blood.

I printed 10 copies of your list of 'rules for being a successful manager'. I gave a copy to every manager and also posted it on our bulletin board at work to share with the entire staff. All of the feedback has been tremendous. Thank you for sharing. I have worked at the Marriott Suites on Sand Key in Clearwater Florida for nearly 3 years. We are a franchised property and it is important that franchisees and the Marriott corporation are sharing the same rules and as I call it same "Goals". It is a pleasure to work for you through this franchise. Thank you.