Loyalty Matters

December 6, 2016
Tuni Kyi - AOE
Tuni Kyi at our Awards of Excellence celebration at Marriott International Headquarters.

I have spent my life in and out of hotels, meeting our incredibly dedicated, passionate and warm associates who tirelessly dedicate themselves to providing guests with the most memorable experience possible. They simply are the best in the business.

Recently I received word that one of our most loyal and dedicated associates, Tuni Kyi, will retire from the company after 37 years. Tuni started his career in 1979 as a management trainee just a few short years after emigrating from Burma to the U.S. as a political refugee. During his time with our company, he rose through the ranks but claims the highlight of his career was at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C. While there he spent time with my parents and got to see first-hand the tremendous impact they both had on the business.

Even though my father was in his 80s and my mother in her late 70s, Tuni saw how focused they were on the guest experience and on how our associates were doing. My mother and father knew our success depended on how our associates felt about the company and their work. And even more importantly, they knew that managers like Tuni were key to making sure associates felt valued and appreciated at work – and that in turn our associates made sure our guests felt valued and appreciated. It’s a philosophy we still employ today.

I have been honored by the dedication of so many of our associates. Many, like my friend Tuni, have dedicated most of their careers to this company. I count it a privilege to call them associates and to have worked alongside so many of them as they strive for excellence in all they do.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Congratulations Tuni,

I have been with the company for just a short time, but have been excited since the first day of training. Each and every manager I speak to can't help but to speak of the unlimited opportunities that lay ahead for me at Marriott. I'm focused on my future, enthusiastic about the learning, and just all around in a good place in my life and heart being part of this team, the nations leader in hospitality. Stories like this help keep me motivated as well as inspired. Thank you Tuni,Bill, and last but not least, J.W. and Alice!!!

I have never worked for a company that demonstrated so eloquently that they truly care for and about their employees the way Marriott does. It's not just surprising, it's shocking, which is a sad commentary on society, but a great commentary on Marriott! We aren't simply treated "as if we are valued", we *are* valued, and it's shown in every way. Thank you.

Im a dedicated passionate Marriott Employee. I belive and trust your philosopy Mr. Marriott.


Yadira Marin ..Puerto Rico.

I am an Associate for Fairfield Inn & Suites Woodland California, this is my first job working with Marriott, and I love the environment, I am so happy working here, Mr Marriott inspired me you are a good example of success on the hospitality business.

Hello Mr. Marriott-
I'm so very happy to be part of Marriott International, Inc. and very glad to know that is your/ours core employee foundation of 'Loyalty Matters' by practicing daily of being valued and appreciated that you instilled in Marriott philosophy to this day for both our fellow valued associates and our guests'.
I've been working at luxury hotels since 1992 after flying for Pan American World Airways in Washington, DC and area from Ritz-Carlton, The Madison , Willard InterContinental and presently at Westin Georgetown.
I always had fond memories of staying also at Marriott properties worldwide on six continents when I was with Pan Am, my favourite was Castle Harbour in Bermuda!
I also remember my childhood years delivering papers for The Evening Star and on Sunday mornings after delivery having a nice breakfast at Hot Shoppes in Mclean Gardens and with my family at the Twin Bridges Marriott Hot Shoppes and enjoying my favourite Mighty Mo Burger and Orange Freeze.
I'm not surprised at all about Tuni, being our family friend also from Burma.
Congratulations and Happy '37th', Tuni!
Now you have time to visit all our Marriotts' on all six continents.

Best regards-
Jeffrey 'Jeff' Hlaing
Chef Concierge
Westin Georgetown

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tuni on numerous visits to the magnificent San Diego Marquis and I can attest that Tuni is a true gentleman, an incredible aand gracious host.

Congratulations Tuni

Gregg Gregory, CSP

Loyalty is a fine element of the human experience. I remember when I joined Marriott after working at the Hollywood Beach Hotel in Hollywood, Florida; the Mt. Washington in New Hampshire; the Park Sheraton and then the Waldorf = Astoria in Manhattan, joining Marriott at the then 209 room Marriott Key Bridge. When we had four (4, count 'em) "Motor Hotels" and I had been Sales Director of three of them. As Bus Ryan used to say, it was "Rough Riding, with bumps close to the road", but we, again quoting Jorgen Viltoft. another one of the pioneers, we were the "First Team", largely now forgotten, but always loyal.


As our boss, you are highly motivational. As a human being, you are truly inspiring.

I feel proud to have known you for the previous five years. Thank you for inspiring me and so many other people in the Marriot world.

These huge achievements of hard work and professional diligence you have done are truly outstanding. I salute you for your staunch quest of brilliance.

Enjoy your success and have fun.

With warmest regards!

Yours sincerely,

Marriott Marquis Marina San Diego