Acting With Integrity

February 21, 2017

Hot Shooppes - Ep 4Integrity is essential in the business world. Without it, there is nothing trustworthy about a brand. There can be no long-term success for a company that doesn’t uphold uncompromising standards.

At Marriott International, we have five core values that are the bedrock to everything we do. Acting with integrity is one of those core values and it helps make us who we are today. Because how we do business is as important as the business we do.

We have policies in place for just about everything we do in this company—not to bog down productivity, but to ensure we live up to the legal and ethical standards we’ve set for ourselves and to ensure guests receive the highest quality service—every time.

It’s something my father was insistent upon when he started this business 90 years ago. He wouldn’t compromise on quality or service and he expected the same from associates and suppliers too.

Periodically over the last year I’ve highlighted the “Hot Shoppes” videos, a cartoon depiction of our company’s core values. They are a fresh take on what has been most important to us over the years. In this one, watch how my father acts with integrity when faced with a supplier with questionable ethics.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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these cartoon are fun and even touching,
and it would be very appreciate whether the creative team is able to create the episode 5: the cartoon depiction of Serve The World.
The 5th Mariott's core values.

Mr. Marriott, I started in 1999 with this company and I have tried to live up to this belief everyday. I am saddened at times when I see some not understanding how important this really is. I worked for a very large hospitality company before coming to Marriott where I had other managers around me want to cheat and lie just so they would get bigger bonus's amongst other things. It was refreshing to come work in a large corporation that didn't tolerate this. Saving money to save money at any cost can be very short sighted.

We should be legal and ethical to do something.The world need some uncomproming standards to keep the peace and order in where we live .If someone can not be responsibel for what he do or keep his word ,he will not be sucessful in the future.

I've always been real impressed with the Marriott brand. It's one of the few businesses that I see and think "integrity". Last year, my girlfriend and I took a 4 day trip to Kauai. (we live on Oahu) We bought into the Vacation Club because of the honesty of the sales reps.



Thank you for sharing and proving the importance of being honest and maintaining strong moral principles. Dexter

How we do business is as important as the business we do!!! One of the most powerful learnings Marriott has tought me.

Integrity makes us a great individual and our company a great company to work for. Its part of my DNA.

Really Marriott is suprb.i wnna make career in marriott