Diversity & Inclusion Matters

February 6, 2017
The team at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

With over 6,000 hotels in more than 120 countries and territories, it’s vital to our company’s success that we reach across cultural borders to embrace differences.

When unity is a priority, it strengthens our family of associates, which leads to a warm welcome to our guests, no matter their background. It opens doors to opportunity and makes a difference in our communities.

Each year our company recognizes the best of the best with the Marriott Awards of Excellence program. One of the awards given is the J.W. Marriott, Jr. Diversity Excellence Award to recognize a team going above and beyond to make diversity and inclusion a way of life.

The Marriott Marquis Washington, DC opened their doors in 2014, but they’ve already established themselves as a team who cares deeply about each other and their community. Upon opening, 58 percent of positions were filled by hiring from all eight wards in the city. And, through a Goodwill Jobs Training partnership, the hotel also hired nearly 200 candidates with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Associates have logged nearly 1,000 hours volunteering, with most activities focused on empowering diversity and job readiness. The hotel’s supplier diversity efforts have resulted in more than $1 million spent with women- and minority-owned businesses.

It’s not just lip service. Our company puts our time, money and talent behind making diversity a priority. And because it’s one of our core values established from the beginning, we’ll never stop putting people first.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Hi Mr. Marriott,

I would like to thank you for all the support that Marriott International has shown to my company, Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc. over the last 26 years. Marriott was my second customer. We serviced the cafeteria at the Wyman Park Hospital in Baltimore City. Marriott has been a superb partner actively promoting Soft Stuff within your portfolio of properties. Your company has recognized the value that we bring as a Specialty Foodservice Distributor and has continued to showcase our capabilities to your hotels. Marriott has shouted it's mission of diversity inclusion as a core principal through the actions of Denise Naguib and Dominica Groom. My company has benefited greatly from their efforts. Your team at Avendra also echos Marriott's commitment to working with Women Owned and other diversity businesses. I am proud to say that we have been under contract with Avendra going on 14 years. Tom Villeneuve, Kate Roberts and Galen Rash have been unbelievably helpful in guiding our growth with Marriott.

On a personal note...I had the great pleasure of witnessing you win the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. I am not sure if your realize how important it was for your staff at the J.W. Marriott to meet you. Many told me how much it meant to them that you went out of your way to meet and shake their hands.I have been profoundly touched and inspired by your journey. I wish you many more years of good health and continued success.

Be well,

Lois Gamerman

Mr Marriott:
I rember when JW Marriott Starr Pass Tucson received this award...We were so excited...When I was there I think we had atleast 30 different nationalities...How exciting it was to meet and work with all these unique cultures...

By the way my new hearing aid's from Costco are a real bargain ...They are $900 each ear compared to the $5000, I was quoted a year ago...They are adjusted with my iPhone and you cannot see them...Maybe your staff could negotiate with Costco do even a better price for Marriott associates...
Patricia Swanson
I'd love to see you repost your Daughter's Valentine Post...That was always my favorite Message on your blog...

Semper Fi

Mr. Marriott, I have been employed with Marriott for over 15 years. I feel incredibly honored to be associated with a company that sets such importance on becoming a part of each workplace, community, nation, and world. Thank you, your family and all our senior administration for embracing this great workplace culture--we truly are a family of inclusiveness and caring! My thoughts and prayers are that you may always be looked upon as an inspiring example of a caring person and successful international businessman. Sincerely, Jacki Bross, Reservation Agent SATRC

The Marriott Brand of hotels is a great place to work. I am currently employ at the Marriott East Side and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this awesome establishment for almost twenty years. Mr. Marriott has created a working environment for his employees that is above and beyond what we could ever asked for. He believes in putting people first. He also believes that the strength of his business lies in the ability to embrace differences and create opportunities for all, whether you are an employee, a guest,etc. During my years with the company, I have learned to create personal connections with our guests, respond to their needs, make their stay a brilliant one and thank each guest for their loyalty. I love my job, I love the people I work with and most of all I love the people I work for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mr. Marriott
Good morning, Let me introduce me first, I worked for your company for 15 years long. I had the great opportunity to participate in two openings Residence Inn at Sea World and FairField Inn & Suites at Sea World, as well renovation in a franchise Renaissance Hotel in Orlando. I always said I am proud of that, in what I learned and what I am right now. I started as a housekeeper and reached a Manager level. There were people around me that saw my potential even I didn't. I am grateful for that. Now, well, I always want to do this, but I though myself if I am crazy, I answered " Not, I am not". Let me tell you my reason of my short comment I want you to know I am proud that I was part of Marriott company and I believe there are many other voices that can not be heard. Housekeeping department is the heart of a hotel and housekeepers are people that really care about their jobs, believe in values, has the passion to fight for what they do and understand we, as a people, we make the difference. Thank you for the hotel openings. (I appreciate if you keep this comment for you).

Bill, diversity is something all businesses should strive to achieve - not only in hiring, but in how one does business with their Guests, partners, and clients. Like it or not, we are all different in many ways - one from thd other- and if we all tried harder to recognize those differences as assets rather than liabilities, life would be better for us all.

Thank you for a timely and inspiring post Bill at this critical time in America's history.
Your company and its ideals stand as a shining beacon of hope.
Warm regards
John Milne
Gold Coast Australia