Good Business = Helping Communities

March 27, 2017

JWM at Center for Nonprofit Advancement

Late last year, I had the opportunity to speak at the Annual Celebration of the Center for NonProfit Advancement. They are the leading advocate for nonprofit organizations in the Washington D.C. metro area. They have been doing tremendous work as champions for all nonprofits in our community.

At the celebration event, I had a chance to talk about leadership and community involvement. I truly believe that our community’s success is essential to our company’s success. If our neighborhoods are strong and vibrant and growing, that can only mean good business for our hotels.

I want our hotels to make their communities even better places to live, work and visit. That means really investing in the people and the world around us—whether that’s through education, career training, helping the environment, or empowering diversity. It all matters. It all makes a difference in the lives of not just our associates, but their families and their neighborhoods.

I believe that’s why we have so many long-tenured associates in our company. They stay with a company that cares not just about the work they do but the people they are.

Our company isn’t in the business of manufacturing. We’re in the business of relationships… with our communities, guests, associates, franchisees and owners. Fostering these relationships is the foundation to our greatest successes.

I’m proud that Marriott puts people first. I believe it’s the hallmark of our company. Seeing it in action in our hotels is what keeps me going and what drives me forward in the business.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Thank you for being a positive and remarkable influence on employees as well as our neighborhoods.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

You are such an inspiration to all the employees you work with!

I am proud to be part of such a caring community that values employees so in turn they are compelled to value our guests.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in our properties & I applaud the corporate training provided.

All the best,

Gwen Gable

Thank you for everything you done, and doing now you are great....

This post reflects what we truly are.
We have taken hospitality to the next level, creating solid relations that last, is the only secret key to maintain loyalty and sustain success. Because we always have genuine care, that's why Marriott is where I belong.!

Best place to work

Best place to work

Mr. Marriott I definitely love the Company's philosophy. Hope others can follow you example. Thank You.

Nice blog! Thanks for the info(: