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Doing Good in Every Direction


I’m of the firm belief that to do something right, you can’t cut corners. I’ve been at that crossroads many times before, but I can confidently say I’ve done my best to do things the right way. This covers anything from maintaining ethical business practices to putting associates first. Personally, I’m particularly proud of Marriott’s efforts to make the world a better place—outside the four walls of our hotels.

It all comes back to Marriott’s core value of “Serve Our World.” The moment an associate puts on their Marriott name badge, they know that their job extends beyond the walls of their property or office. And from my position, I know that Marriott cannot succeed unless we treat the environment and communities where we do business with the same level of care that we deliver to our customers. That’s why I am excited by our new platform to providing that care called “Serve 360: Doing Good In Every Direction.”

A major priority area is Marriott’s commitment to the development of our communities. Never has Marriott’s commitment been more evident than the past several months during the string of tragic natural disasters. It breaks my heart to see the damage caused by the hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, but I’ve been impressed by the commitment our associates have shown to helping each other and the affected communities through donations, community service, and fundraising. Just look at the stories that have come in!

Speaking of community service, one of my favorite days of the year has always been our annual “Spirit to Serve Our Communities Day,” where associates around the world engage in local service activities. Nothing beats that spirit of camaraderie I see when everyone is working together towards a greater purpose. Last year alone, our associates contributed over 750,000 hours to service activities in their communities. I’m so proud of their work.

In addition to service, it takes a commitment from our properties to make a sustainable impact that reduces our environmental footprint. We will continue to do so by putting an even greater emphasis on minimizing our use of energy and water, as well as reducing our waste.

We will also continue our work to prepare people who need it most for work in the hospitality industry, whether developing their skills or providing them access to our business. A great example of this is our work with the Youth Career Initiative. Together, we identify, train, and hire youths into our hotels, often from low-income and disadvantaged communities. Our work in this area extends even beyond youth to diverse populations, people with disabilities, and refugees. We really are able to empower people through opportunity.

Ultimately, we’re not just talking about being good community partners; we’re making it happen. With the actions we’ve taken and are taking today, we’re living our core values and being a force for good in our communities.

To support Serve 360, we’ve set 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Goals to focus and guide our work. Learn more at Marriott.com/Serve360 and help us Do Good In Every Direction.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.



All in the Family with Fairfield by Marriott

FFI Ranch Manor013

Fairfield by Marriott turns 30 this month. In the blink of an eye, I’ve seen the brand evolve from its first property in Atlanta, GA, to nearly 900 hotels around the world, entering new markets like Brazil, China, and Nepal this year. Though a lot has changed, I’m comforted to know that the same ideals the brand was built on—warmth, simplicity and comfort—remain the same values guests experience today.

Fairfield by Marriott shares a special place in my heart because of its history and meaning to my family. The inspiration for the brand came from the Fairfield Farm in Hume, VA, which my parents purchased in 1951. For them, the farm was a respite from the bustling business world and their life in the nation’s capital. It was my parents’ happy place.

When we started this brand, it was an opportunity for Marriott to launch a value-oriented brand and offer a balanced and simplistic environment that was different from what business travelers were accustomed to. Though we couldn’t bring the remoteness of the Fairfield Farm into the city, we could mirror the happy feeling we experienced there.

For me, the farm has and will always mean family. In some ways, I grew up on the farm. I spent years watching my dad successfully ride the wild horses of the Blue Ridge Mountains while others tried and ultimately failed—myself included.

Our entire family spent countless Thanksgivings at the farm. And although we may not all be able to enjoy the farm to the same extent we once did, not a year goes by without a Marriott-family Thanksgiving on the farm.

Occasions like this anniversary bring back so many fond memories for me. It also reminds me that from humble beginnings come great things.

I’m not surprised by how successful the Fairfield by Marriott brand has become. Fairfield has been going strong for 30 years now, and I’m proud of its history. More importantly, I’m excited at what the next 30 years have in store.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.