A Five-Star Review

August 7, 2018


Forbes placed Marriott International on its The World’s Most Innovative Companies list in June of this year.

What an honor to be recognized. Since my parents started the company in 1927, we’ve never been afraid to take chances and try new things. Just in the last year, we’ve partnered with Alibaba Group to pilot facial-recognition technology at check-in at two properties in China, we launched The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, and we entered the homesharing market in a pilot in London.

In June, we also partnered with Amazon to offer the Amazon Echo in select properties, so guests can order room service or request housekeeping services without picking up the phone.

I’m proud to see the company grow and bet on change. But in the quest to be an industry leader, I constantly remind myself that it’s important not to forget the fundamentals. At the end of the day – when our customers switch off the light in their guest rooms – I think what they want first and foremost is a clean, safe environment to sleep in at night.

I was reminded of this recently when my 9-year-old great-grandson – unprompted – wrote a review of his Marriott hotel experience in his fourth grade writing journal.

This satisfied customer gave us five stars. Of course, he’s predisposed to love Marriott. But what caught my attention was that he focused on how tidy the rooms were, that there was Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping services, and a clean pool. He was most excited – as a fourth grader might be – to find a piece of chocolate on his pillow at night.

As we continue to roll out groundbreaking concepts, I’m tickled that a 9-year-old could point out something so critical. Innovation is exciting and we’re 100 percent committed to it as part of our core values of embracing change and pursuing excellence. But a travel experience – no matter the bells and whistles – will never be great unless basic customer service is in order.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move!

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Thank you Mr. Marriott! We have been members for over 20 years! We have always enjoyed staying at your hotels! We were so impressed that we purchased into your timeshare. We have gone to some amazing places in the US. We hope to explore further. We would love to see some timeshare up here in Canada. Also just wanted to mention that I’m a teacher in Canada and just want to comment on your nephew’s journal entry! He’s got it perfectly correct!

I have been a satisfied rewards member for 10 years or more. The main reasons my husband and I choose to stay at Marriott hotels are because of the cleanliness of the hotels and the rooms, the wonderful bedding and comfort of the beds, the option of feather pillows, and the overall upkeep and modernization of the hotels. Keep up the great job, Mr. Marriottt and we will continue to choose the Marriottt!
God bless.

Bill. I have been a loyal Marriott member for years, for exactly the same reasons given by your great grandson. I especially like the Marriott philosophy of "take care of your employees, and they will take care of the guests". However I do have to say it has been many years since I had chocolate placed on my pillow at night. And I do have to admit that I miss that.

Every corporation in this country should take lessons from Marriott on how to conduct business, and more importantly customer service and loyalty programs.

"important not to forget the fundamentals" Always to remember.

Couldn't agree with you more!
Thanks for sharing your great-grandson's insights!

I'm a far cry from a fourth grader and as a former associate I no longer get a discount, but I also require as your grandson: Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping services, and a clean pool. Consequently I still choose Marriott when traveling. Once when traveling the cab driver asked why Marriott and my husband replied "no surprises"!

It was simply short and sweet to read this article and sharing the experience of your great grandson had . Over the years when one looks back , what comes in their mind is their exceptional moments they had enjoyed with their loved ones during their stay and it remains and pure , fresh and crisp to their memories forever .

I loved this! Sounds like your Grandson is a smart young lad and a "chip off the block". He will be a great one to carry on the family tradition!! :)

That's adorable, thank you for sharing this story. What I love about the Marriott hotels is that they are experiences that are really cross generational. My own 9 year old son is also pre-disposed to loving Marriott hotels. He has a favourite which he holds dear, and he uses that as his benchmark for every hotel stay no matter which brand/family hotel we stay in!

'Foundations" Always key to remember to re-gain focus, energy and move forward.

I totally agreed there is a saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness "That's the key for a peaceful and comfortable sleep especially most of our guests were business travelers. And the most precious time for them is to have a quality sleep which we can call "Heavenly Sleep".

What a great article to motivate us doing best in providing our guests a great service. Great to be shared to all associates to refresh and motivate them in doing their job for our guests especially with regards feeling of secure and safe and also cleanliness of the hotel and room especially.