Our Winter Wonderland

January 30, 2019
Ice skating 2_500x400
The ice-skating rink at the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel in Arlington, VA.

It’s below freezing today in Washington, D.C., which makes it a perfect day for some outdoor ice skating, don’t you think?

In the winter of 1958, we covered the swimming pool at the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel and turned it into an ice rink. See the photo above.

We turned on a loudspeaker and played “The Skaters’ Waltz,” among other popular songs.

We charged $1, at the time, and I tell you, the rink was a hit. People turned out in colorful sweaters and fur coats. Even my dad laced up some skates and got out there.

I firmly believe, if you’re going to live in a cold climate, you need to have fun in it!

I'm Bill Marriott and thank you for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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Phil Holmes told me that your father taught him to skate when he was a manager at Twin Bridges. Mr Peurifoy when I joined Marriott there were many Stiller's. I worked with 2 different John Stiller's . After 32 years [1970 -2002] with Marriott I also am a Rewards member, A vacation club owner and a Quarter Century Club member. Marriott is a great company.

My family stayed at the Twin Bridges back in the late 50's. My Uncle, George Stiller, was a manager of some of the Hot Shoppes. I don't remember if there was one at that location.
Have now been a Marriott Rewards member for several years staying at your facilities in several countries.
Thank you for the hospitality.
Robert C. Peurifoy, D. Min.

I began with Marriott Hotels at Twin Bridges in, I believe 1960 and remained for many years knowing Bill Marriott, having flown in a helicopter with him and was last Regional Director of Advertising and Public Relations working out of Bethesda, with Tom McCarthy. I worked with Bus Ryan, who hired me, and have many, many fond memories. Just wanted to say "Hi" to Mr. Marriott (Bill) who is my age and vintage. It's been a long time.


I remember skating at the Twin Bridges Marriott with my children many years ago. I also recall skating at the City Line Philadelphia Marriott as well. What fun!...Great memories. I always kept my ice skates in my car in the event I ran into a rink. Being a boy from Salt Lake City taught me to enjoy the cold and snow. Skiing Alta was a real thrill.